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Creepy Commercials

As you know, I just cleared out my DVR.

When I’m watching TV, like most people, I zip right through the commercials. (Even though I kinda love them.) But there are 2 that stop me in my tracks, mainly because they creep me OUT.

The first is for Tabasco and it involves singing pepperonis. Have you seen this? It is the stuff of nightmares! Now I can’t even LOOK at a pizza without expecting it to burst out in barbershop quartet-esque song. Let alone EAT one. Thanks, jerky Tabasco!

The second is for DirectTV and it involves an updated scene from Tommy Boy with David Spade and Chris Farley, who just so happens to be dead. And this isn’t the first time they used someone who died tragically in a commercial (hello little girl from Poltergeist). Super classy!

What do YOU think? Watch the commercials above, and then vote below:


Greg Henderson said...

How I miss this sense of humor being part of my life every day. At least I can get it from the blog. You are amazing! Love and hugs, Greg.

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Aw, Greg, thanks. I miss you too! Can't wait to bring Justin to the Roxbury -- maybe in the spring!