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I Love Singing Fish

So I was watching The Bachelorette the other night. (Don't judge, its been a rough summer.)

I'm enjoying the fact that sweaty, awkward, insecure Frank took himself out of the competition (good luck with THAT guy, Nicole). I'm realizing I have almost no opinion on Roberto at all, except that he's not repulsive like at least one guy in the Final Two invariably is.

And I'm really hoping Ali DOESN'T choose Chris in the end because he is adorable and I don't want to watch them break up as Jake & Vienna have. And Jillian & Ed. And Jason & Melissa. And DeAnna & Jesse. Matt & Shayne... Brad & Nobody... Andrew & Tessa... Lorenzo & Jennifer... Travis & Sarah... Jen & Nobody... Charlie & Sarah... Byron & Mary... Meredith & Ian... Jesse & Jessica... Bob & Estrella... Andrew & Jen... Aaron & Brooke... and the Bachelor Failed Couple who started it all, Alex Michel & Amanda (remember that creepy bastard? YIKES.)

Anyway, about 15 minutes before Roberto & Chris were put out of their misery by a rose which signifies they will live to date the same girl another day, a Lipton Iced Tea commercial came on. Now, I really can't recall any noteworthy Lipton commercials since David "This Aint No Sippin' Tea" Carradine went all 3 Stooges on some street thugs.

But this is one for the books.

Clearly borrowing their inspiration from McDonalds ode to the Filet-O-Fish, Lipton ups the ante. "Yeah, Golden Artery Cloggers? I'll SEE your catchy jingle and singing bigmouth bass, and I'll RAISE you a chorus of crustaceons and a smiling fish with a lemon wedged in his mouth. Stick THAT in your Big Mac!"

I know commercials make some folks crabby. But I love 'em. And I could watch this one all day. I'm particularly amused by the fact that this parched woman is largely unfazed by the singing fish with the human mouth that's emerged from her purse. What's better, I actually remember what product he's promoting. AND it makes me think I want a cool, refreshing iced tea. With my... chicken.

Reel me in, Lipton. I'm hooked.

I think Madison Ave is finally catching on to what the folks at As Seen On TV have known for years. There's really nothing funnier than a singing fish.

See what I mean below:

Now tell me you didn't love that?!


Anonymous said...

Have you seen the Quiznos singing kittens???

Anonymous said...

I kinda love this one too... :)

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Anon #1: YES! I find them annoying though.

Anon #2: Me too.