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Vote for Jimmy

Am I bonkers to want to vote for this guy?

I’m sure you’ve seen him. It’s Jimmy McMillan in all his Hulk Hogan mustachioed glory. And he's running for NY state governor. He’s the kind of guy who wears sneakers with a suit (it's true -- I live 2 blocks from WPIX and I saw him outside after an interview -- ol'Jimbo was rocking a ratty pair of hi-tops with his greenish gray suit and tie).

You probably haven’t understood a single word he’s said because he talks a mile a minute and makes wacky analogies like Mr. T used to. 

So let me boil his message down: The rent is too damn high.

And he’s right! It IS too damn high.  Sure, I’ve read that he doesn’t actually PAY rent (some arrangement he has with his building where he fixes things and lives for free). Eh, details... 

And his idea of a typical New York studio apt rent is either off by about half or I’m really being taken to the cleaners by my old/new building. So what?  And I know, his fundraising website looks like it’s run by a porn casino with an unlimited budget for free clip art.  But who among us doesn't like flashing lights and bright colors?  And, well, he's kind of an anti-semite.  Actually, that one's pretty bad.  But, hey, he's pro gay marriage!  He'll even let you marry a shoe (the heart wants what the heart wants).

Ok, so Jimmy’s a total nutbar. A candidate for Crazytown.  But he’s no worse than the alternatives.

Carl Paladino’s a disgrace. Even his own hometown newspaper can’t endorse him. Nobody wants a rageaholic, homophobic, dirty email sending, shlump for governor. And Andrew Cuomo, while decidedly less hateful, has shown some allergies to truth telling -- disturbing when you think about the criminal politicians roaming free under his watch as attorney general. (I’m talking to YOU Charlie Rangle.)

It's just depressing.  More often than not when I go to the polls, I find myself supporting a lesser of 2 evils.  That's no way to vote. But it's all mud-slinging at this point.  Nobody seems to be talking about anything important.

Record unemployment isn’t as sexy, apparently, as getting schtupped by a horse.

I guess no matter who wins come November 2nd, they all seem better than THIS guy. He kicks children in the face:

So, for all 1% of you who begged me to blog more about politics, this one's for you: Who are YOU voting for?  And please don't tell me you've moved to Winnipeg to vote for Sam Katz...

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in memoriam said...

I'm part of the 99% of your blog readers who don't care about politics, but here's something I think we'll all be interested to know.......

Paul the Octopus is Dead!

I blame Mani the fortunetelling parakeet.

Anonymous said...

vote for pedro :P

Anonymous said...

HAAHAHAA that video is hilarious. Maybe voting for a face-kicker is better than any of these clowns. At least he has nice legs! ;-)

Anonymous said...

So... did you vote for Jimmy???

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

In Memoriam: I did hear about that. RIP, Paul! So sad. I was going to ask him if 2011 would suck as bad as 2010 did. Now I'll never know... until it does.

Anon #2: I think You Tube made them take it down. Let me know if you find it someplace else. I laughed every time I watched that thing.

Anon #3: Actually, I did vote for Jimmy! It's the only time I've ever voted for a 3rd party candidate. I know it was a throw-away but I just couldn't bring myself to vote for Cuomo or Paladino. And my rent IS too damn high!

Anonymous said...

I found the video. Still funny.