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Won't You Be My Neighbor?

One of the things I need to get used to again is living amongst the general population. I don't like strangers, and I REALLY don't like the sounds and smells they make.

I've yet to actually meet anybody who lives on my floor, but I know 3 things about my neighbors to the left:

1. They slam the front door a lot, especially at night just as I've drifted off to a peaceful sleep

2. They cook dinner at 6:45pm on the dot (and don't own a cookbook, because it smells like the same weird stew every single day)

3. They think they own the hall because they leave all their crap outside their apt

Few things bother me more than people who are inconsiderate. I can get over the dinner smells (thanks Lysol!) but the other two just bug me. The slamming is just plain rude. And they have a 2-bedroom apt for God's sake, you mean they don't have room for a stroller and a couple of dirty mops? Maybe they have a burgeoning business as door-slamming, floor-scrubbing babysitters and this hallway eyesore is just performance advertising. I don't know.

Oh wait, I know 1 more thing about them:

4. They smoke, which I always suspected, and have now confirmed with a casual inspection of the basket on the back of their kid's stroller -- it contains a lovely pack of ciggies. Way to go mommy & daddy!

Am I the only one with annoying neighbors? Should I pin a note on their door asking them to clean up their act, or will that force them to leave a flaming pot of "dirty mop stew" outside mine?

1 comment:

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

This blog post really worked! My sloppy neighbor moved this past weekend, and they took all their crap out of the hall. Ah. Now if only the door-slammer would hit the bricks...