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13 Costumes

Trick or Treat!

I haven't dressed up for Halloween in years. When I did, my choices were pretty run of the mill: an angel, a Rockette, a flapper, a bunny, and I'm pretty sure I was randomly a farmer one year (in my Guess overalls, no less).

Since Halloween is such a spectacle here in NYC (and I’m missing it to visit my parents in the Sunshine State), here’s a list of 13 costumes I would wear, if I was, in fact, dressing up:

1. Sequins + cocktails = Cloris Leachman
2. Headband + kneesocks = Blair Waldorf
3. Poncho + braces = Betty Suarez
4. Blank stare + blond extensions = LC
5. Evil eye + flesh-colored beard = Spencer Pratt
6. Bee-stung lips + babies of many nations = Angelina Jolie
7. Hamburger phone + big belly = Juno
8. Shotgun + big belly = Bristol Palin
9. Bird on my head + big white dress = Carrie Bradshaw
10. Red bandanna + eyeliner = Bret Michaels
11. Red chignon + pointy brassiere = Joan Halloway
12. White teeth + an accent = The Orbitz Girl
13. Or I could have just gone naked and said the economy stole my costume

What’s the best Halloween costume that you've ever seen?

Bonus points to anyone who was ever given a "trick" instead of a "treat." Toothbrushes, raisins (nature's candy!), and pennies all count.


Jenny From The 'Brook said...


My favorite is the dog dressed like a ham.

steve-g said...

dont have a best costume, but favorite moment was in college - a buddy of mine got dressed up as a clown (including the rainbow wig) and drove to the Grape for the big halloween party... only problem was that he was a day early (party was the next night). so here he was in a clown custome and a fake id trying to get into a bar where no one was dressed up... hilarity ensued.

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

That's hilarious! But he wasn't alone. William was dressed like Papa Smurf every nite...