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5 Reasons I'm Glad Dirty Sexy Money Is Back

Waaaay back in the winter, there was a writers strike. These were dark days for TV-philes like myself. Days filled with reality TV (which I secretly love), bad movies (which are ok too), and reading (which I mostly do when the cable goes out). When spring sprung and flowers bloomed, most of my beloved shows came back -- if only for a few episodes -- just to say, "See you in September." All except for one: Dirty Sexy Money.

Oh, how I missed it. And now it's back. Here's why I watched it live, and DVR'ed it, and re-watched it on my DVR, and saved it to maybe watch again...
1. I'd like the Darling clan to adopt me. Don't get me wrong, I like my family just fine, but they don't hand out yachts like tic-tacs on my birthday. Tripp does.

2. Reverend Brian is the angriest holy man on the planet. His scenes are always my favorite and his lines are awesomely evil.

3. The show surprises me. Didn't see it coming that Patrick's wife would be painting the bathroom floor red with her skull. And didn't see Letitia getting cuffed and stuffed for killing Dutch either (although I don't believe she did it). I like a show that keeps me guessing.

4. It's got the campiness of Melrose Place mixed with the decadence of Dynasty, but the writing is tight and the cast can act.

5. If loving Peter Krause is wrong, I don't want to be right.

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