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5 Reasons to Tune In to Top Chef

Fire up the ovens, Betty Crocker, season 5 of Top Chef premieres tomorrow night!

What? You haven’t jumped on this culinary bandwagon yet? Fear not. This is a classy reality show that you can openly express your love for, much like The Amazing Race, because it’s less about the relationship drama and more about the competitions (this is in stark contrast to The Hills, which magically appears on my DVR and I secretly watch under cover of night).

Tomorrow, 17 “cheftestants” stand ready to take a bite out of Big Apple. Here’s why I’ve made a reservation at the best table in the house (and plan to munch on a far unhealthier snack than apples):

1. I love shows about food. That’s all, just putting it out there.

2. Judges table is most delicious when Padma (does she eat?) and Tom Colicchio (we KNOW he eats) take a seat alongside old favorites like Anthony Bourdain and Ted Allen. Can’t wait to see what past guests, like Martha and Rocco, and new guests like the Foo Fighters (huh??) bring to the mix this year.

3. I really dig the little piccolo music that plays when the Quickfire Challenge is announced. I especially like when the challenge involves making something I love to eat, like the perfect burger. And I love to laugh when the chef who makes the lettuce “burger” loses.

4. The chefs create a lot of great-looking, interesting dishes, but the best is when they battle over the bad stuff, like the bacon & avocado ice cream, or the chocolate ganache with chicken livers, or the butterscotch scallops. So gross, you could taste it thru the TV.

5. What other show tells its axed contestants to “pack your knives and go”? So brave.

Sight unseen, my top picks to go the distance right now are Fabio and Jamie. I can’t wait to watch them sweat out judges deliberations in front of the ultimate ode to product placement, that is the “Glad Wall.”

What’s your favorite reality TV show? Don’t be shy, you know you have one…


McLovin From Hawaii said...

Rock of Love and Tila Tequilla are two outstanding reality shows, not trashy at all. I would even call them educational and insightful.

Ingrid Arencibia said...

Love the show! Did you watch it last night? There is a woman from Montclair on the show that owns a restaurant in town...I want to try it so let me know if you are interested in joining me.

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

I bet Top Chef is right up your alley! Totally watched it last night -- so good. That Montclair chef is a basketcase, I hope she can cook! Would love to try her restaurant, we should pick a date and go.

McLovin From Hawaii said...

I love the two who made salad in the quick fire...come one...anyone can make salad!!

The lady from NJ is a basket case and is gonna be cooked soon!

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

How is Carla still in this competition? And does anyone think she looks like Beaker from the Muppets?