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Thanksgiving in a Box

One of the great treats of living in the city is Fresh Direct. Whoever thought this up is a freaking genius.

Gone are the days of roaming the fluorescent aisles at Kings (a mighty fine New Jersey grocery store chain). I may never load up a shopping cart with a wobbly wheel again. No more bagging my groceries as they fly off the conveyor belt at record speed. And I've played my last game of Parking Lot Ethics -- should I leave an empty cart next to a parked car, or walk all the way back to the store to drop it off? I even live across the street from Gristedes now, but nothing beats a few clicks of a mouse when buying groceries.

Today I received the greatest Fresh Direct email ever: Thanksgiving in a Box. You pick the size of the cooked turkey you want, choose from 2 kinds of stuffings, get 4 different side dishes, and a tasty cake or pie. They throw in rolls, gravy, and cranberry sauce, delivered right to your door. It's a heat and eat Thanksgiving miracle.

It's funny, when I first saw my apartment, the leasing agent looked at me like I had 10 heads when I said I loved to cook. "Nobody cooks in this city," he sneered, "girls use their ovens to store sweaters." A little extreme, but I'm starting to understand...

Maybe I'll just keep mittens in my oven, when I'm not reheating delicious meals from my favorite online grocery store!

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