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Code Yellow

It’s Peep Season!

I mean, what would Halloween be without candy corn? Christmas without candy canes? Valentine's Day without conversation hearts? Easter just doesn’t taste like Easter without at least 1 rack of these irrisistable sugar-crusted chicks. In fact, they’ll pop up in about 69% of all Easter baskets (making the other 31% of baskets officially sucky).

Personally, I like ‘em stale. Chewy, even. And I like to eat their blobby little heads first.

But who among us hasn’t put one of these fine fellows in the microwave just to see what would happen? For the love of science? No!

For the love of marshmallow.

Peep-a-mania is running wild. The Washington Post conducts an annual diorama contest. The Seattle Times, National Geographic, and even the American Bar Association host their own Peep-offs. There’s a Peep-eating contest (the record holder at 103 in 30 minutes is called Dennis Gross -- coincidence?). Peeps have gone medieval with Peep jousting (watch the clip to the end for the Peeps Civil War).

Yes, there’s even Peep porn (my eyes, MY EYES!).

If I’m feeling naughty, I’ll eat the King of All Easter Candy -- the Reese's Peanut Butter Egg, which is, quite possibly, the finest treat in all the land. But, if I’m feeling dainty and sweet, I go Peep.

The only question is what color?


Anonymous said...

happy easter!

Rog said...

What's better than Peeps?

Deep Fried Peeps.

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Mmm...deep fried Peeps?! How did I miss that? Clearly I'm not the googler I think I am.