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Umbrellas Are the New Pants

Rain, rain go away. I’m one soggy little muffin.

You wouldn’t leave home without your pants, right? Well, these days the same holds true for the old umbrella (ella, ella). It can rain at any moment! You need to be prepared!

Ever since NYC relocated to Seattle, everybody’s talking about this gloomy weather.

And NO, this isn’t the rainiest June ever (that happened back in 2003), but it’s pretty damn close. We might even end up breaking a record set in Ye Olden Days (1903) for the coldest June ever. Which means everybody’s cranky. I think the best line I’ve heard so far came from a friend’s Facebook status.

She said: “I want to punch this weather in the face.”

I’m SICK of the rain too. And don’t even get me STARTED on the havoc it’s wreaking on my hair. I may just skip showering entirely and shampoo on the streets. Would be more efficient.

Here’s the Top 10 things I’d rather see in the sky, instead of storm clouds:
1. Jellybeans
2. Purple unicorns
3. Spencer Pratt’s flesh-colored beard
4. A disco ball
5. A million bats
6. Smog
7. The Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man
8. Killer bees
9. Dandruff
10. Um… the sun

Feel free to hurl insults at this never-ending low pressure system in the comments below…


Anonymous said...

I see something unfamiliar in the sky. I think it's the sun! See you're not the mush after all. Your list worked.

Anonymous said...

Ever since you wrote this, it's been pretty sunny. So actually, I think you ARE still the mush! ;-)

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Anon #1 & #2: Actually, I think I had a crystal ball with this post. It's been one soggy summer!