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More Cowbell

Today I heard a new song. It was first announced by Plastic Ryan Seacrest. And it’s a duet between a Gossip Girl and Robyn Thicke (who makes me Kynda Sicke).

Not a good pedigree.

But my love of Gossip Girl has been well-documented. So I decided to throw caution to the wind and listen to Blair Waldorf’s (aka Leighton Meester’s) new pop single, “Somebody to Love.”

The verdict? It’s… bad. And not in a good way.

Not sure what was worse, the actual singing in the duet, or the battle of the vapid lyrics. HER: “It’s hard to find a man, when you’re gone before he wakes. They say it’s hard to achieve, but can’t a girl believe?” HIM: “Baby girl, there you at. Looking at me like a putty cat… Do your hair, I bought you shoes. We can hit the town like superstars do.”

Stick to your day job, B. And while I'm on the topic, here are 5 other starlets-turned-songstresses who really need to learn which side of their bread is buttered and -- for the love of all that is good and holy -- STOP SINGING.

Starlet: Heidi Montag
Claim to Fame: Married to Spencer “Flesh-Colored Beard” Pratt on the un-reality series, The Hills (full disclosure: I have a sick addiction to this show -- don't judge).
Song: “Body Language”
Deep Thoughts: “I am looking for a boss type, someone to fulfill all my needs. So, give me a piece of your guidance.”

Starlet: Paris Hilton
Claim to Fame: Famous for being famous, this overrated socialite is best known for her homemade sex tape.
Song: “Stars Are Blind”
Deep Thoughts: “Those other guys all wanna take me for a ride, but when I walk they talk of suicide. Some people never get beyond their stupid pride. But you see the real me inside.”

Starlet: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Claim to Fame: Currently, this buxom babe whispers to ghosts and inexplicably dates Jamie Kennedy.
Song: “Let’s Go Bang”
Deep Thoughts: “Before the groove hits the move you want to. And Uncle Funk wants it over tonight. Just dance along to wherever they take you tonight. You just bang it all up and out, bang it all on time.” (UM… WHAT??)

Starlet: Lindsay Lohan
Claim to Fame: Forgetting to wear underwear, crashing cars, and pretending to be a lesbian are just a few of the hobbies LiLo enjoys when not in rehab.
Song: “Rumors”
Deep Thoughts: “I can tell that you’re watching me and you’re probably gonna write what you didn’t see. Well I just need a little space to breathe. Can you please respect my privacy?”

Starlet: Kim Zolciak
Claim to Fame: One of the artificial Real Housewives of Atlanta, this cougar is on again/off again with a sugar daddy known as “Big Poppa.”
Song: “Tardy for the Party”
Deep Thoughts: “I’ll be feelin’ good by nine. After my third glass of wine. On the dance floor lookin' fine. All the boys tryin’ to get in line.”

Sooo.... any other celebrities you’d like to silence? Add them below and I’ll read them after I finish flying over Colorado in a giant Jiffy Pop weather balloon!


falcon heene said...

Did you hear Bill Cosby is releasing a Rap CD?

And now, I'm off to hide in the garage, or perhaps, vomit on National T.V.

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Falcon: Ha. Sorry about the vomit on TV. Hopefully your dad's cellmate won't make him his "special friend."