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Overdue Review

This is my favorite time of year. Fall TV is in full swing! My DVR, however, was 95% full until last week.

What was clogging it up? All the new TV shows I wanted to watch, but hadn’t yet found the time.

So episodes piled up, week after week, unwatched. Sad. Alone. Luckily, a nasty bout with the flu (no, not THAT flu -- just the regular old garden variety -- I am oink-free) and a night or three of serious laundry helped me get all caught up.

So, here is my MUCH overdue review of the “new” shows you should (and shouldn’t) be watching. Also, stay tuned for my gripping recap of the Yanks & Angels ALCS playoffs, which I will post sometime in December…

THE GOOD (as in, if you aren’t watching these shows, I am stealing your TV):
Bored to Death (Sundays at 9:30pm on HBO)
In a Nutshell: A dark comedy about a struggling novelist, moonlighting as a bungling private eye.
Why I Love It: Jason Schwartzman reminds me of a stoned Encyclopedia Brown.
Scene-Stealer: Ted Danson, his party-going editor, has the best rug I’ve ever laid eyes on.

Glee (Wednesdays at 9pm on FOX)
In a Nutshell: A musical dramedy about a high school “show choir” trying to regain its glory.
Why I Love It: It’s escapism and the perfect mix of show tunes/pop hits. Consider me a Gleek!
Scene-Stealer: Hands-down, it’s bitch-tastic Jane Lynch, as head coach of “The Cheerios.”

THE BAD (and not in a good way):
The Beautiful Life: TBL (Cancelled on The CW)
In a Nutshell: A drama about 5 vapid clones and a bumpkin in the high-stakes modeling world.
Why I Hate It: Ashton Kutcher aside, this phony show was unwatchable. Models Inc, anyone?
Scene-Killer: Tough call, but Elle Macpherson should just look pretty (and fix that horrible hair).

Hank (Wednesdays at 8pm on ABC)
In a Nutshell: A comedy about a CEO who gets canned and reconnects with his small-town roots.
Why I Hate It: It’s boring. And depressing. And Frasier Crane should not live in the sticks.
Scene-Killer: Kelsey Grammar, because he does not do "Average Joe" very well.

Melrose Place (Tuesdays at 9pm on The CW):
In a Nutshell: A soap about 7 twenty-somethings living in a drama-filled apartment complex.
Why I Hate It: It lacks the campiness of the original. Even La Locklear won't save this stinker.
Scene-Killer: Ashlee "Anti-Facial Expression" Simpson-Wentz, who was canned last week.

THE BUBBLE (on a scale from A to Z, I give these a J):
Community (Thursdays at 8pm on NBC)
In a Nutshell: A comedy about a lawyer who discovers his degree is invalid and returns to school.
Why I’m Mixed: I LOVE Joel McHale. But they’re not giving me enough to work with.
Scene-Saver: Chevy Chase, as an aging moist-towelette tycoon who has been married 7 times.

Cougar Town (Wednesdays at 9:30pm on ABC)
In a Nutshell: A rom-com about a recently divorced older woman who dates younger men.
Why I’m Mixed: I like Courtney Cox but there's nothing redeeming about a horny mom.
Scene-Saver: Dan Byrd, her 17 year old son (from Aliens in America, which was hilarious).

Eastwick (Wednesdays at 10pm on ABC)
In a Nutshell: A spooky drama about 3 witches and a mystery man who unlocks their powers.
Why I’m Mixed: A great mix of Charmed and Gilmore Girls, but also Desperate Housewives, which just seems… desperate.
Scene-Saver: Tie between Lindsay Price and Sara Rue, best buds who investigate mysteries.

The Middle (Wednesdays at 8:30pm ABC)
In a Nutshell: A comedy about a mom who is the worst salesperson at her used car dealership.
Why I’m Mixed: This show IS Malcom in the Middle (down to the odd-looking youngest child), but I do like Patricia Heaton.
Scene-Saver: Her husband, Neil Flynn (from Scrubs), and his obsession with brutal honesty.

Modern Family (Wednesdays at 9pm ABC)
In a Nutshell: A mockumentary on the definitions of family via a patriarch and his 2 kids.
Why I’m Mixed: Sometimes funny, but I wish it was quirkier -- a la Arrested Development.
Scene-Saver: Tie between “cool dad” Ty Burrell, flamboyant boyfriend Eric Stonestreet, and Rico Rodriguez II, the coffee-drinking kid.

The Vampire Diaries (Thursdays at 8pm on The CW)
In a Nutshell: A teen drama about a vampire who falls in love with a high school student.
Why I’m Mixed: A mix of Kevin Williamson's Dawson’s Creek and Scream, so why isn’t it funny?
Scene-Saver: I heart vamps, and Ian Somerhalder (Boone on Lost) is the best bad blood-sucker.

So that’s my take on Fall TV. Agree or disagree below.

And has anybody seen The Good Wife (CBS)? Or The Jay Leno Show (NBC)? Or anything new on cable that I might be missing? My DVR and I have a pact that I won’t add any more shows until next year, so I can’t watch them yet...


Anonymous said...

Totally agree on Ashlee -- she was the WORST! Why is she famous again?

Anonymous said...

Why aren't you watching Flash Forward? Soooo good.

conan said...

Don't bother with the Jay Leno Show. He's just as unfunny at 10pm as he was at 11:30pm.

Anonymous said...

I don't see a single reality TV show on this list. WHO ARE YOU???

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Anon #1: I think Melrose is on it's last legs.

Anon #2: Haven't gotten into it, but I hear it's good. Seems too overwhelming to jump into it now. Maybe I'll catch it on DVD.

Conan: Thanks for the unbiased tip.

Anon #3: I know! But I am watching Jersey Shore -- stay tuned for a recap soon.