We're Not In Pine Brook Anymore

new york looks prettiest from new jersey

For anyone following the 50 state road trip with my buddy, Jodi, you might have noticed that Washington, DC is located no where near New Mexico -- the original next stop on our tour. 

Technically, this is true.  I blame Thanksgiving. 

Apparently, it's not possible to book an inexpensive trip to New Mexico on the most traveled weekend of the year, with 2 weeks advance notice.  Who could possibly know this hidden fact?  (Besides me, who worked for Travelocity for 3 years?) 

Anyone at all?  No? 

Anyway, we had to get to DC eventually, so now is as good a time as any.  We'll be leaving on Friday -- and you should totally come! 

Follow this adventure on our blog or on Twitter.  As I'm sure you won't give a shit that we just ate a coffee cake or spotted a woman who looks just like Newt Gingrich, we promise to stick ONLY to the entertaining high (and low) lights. 

See you on the Beltway!

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Kevin said...

Actually I would prefer if you notify me immediately upon seeing a lady who looks like Newt ;-)

Anonymous said...

safe travels!!!!

Jessica said...

Happy Thanksgiving! Enjoy DC!

chris said...

following on twitter sounds like your having a blast!!!!!

Anonymous said...

have a good trip

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Thanks everybody!