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Tonight, We Bowl

I went bowling the other night. I can count on my thumbs the number of times I’ve been bowling in my life.

Now check out this photo. That’s the scoreboard. I’m J Lo, pulling up the rear (insert ass joke here).

And I won.  HA!  Even I can’t believe it.

And no… I wasn’t playing against a bunch of children. Or drunks. Or blind people. Or armless dudes who roll the ball down the lane with their noses. No! They were regular celebrities, like me... J Lo.

We might form a league.

Now, don’t ask me what all the numbers, Xs, dashes, and slashes mean. Might as well be Chinese. I have no clue. I just know I scored 76, which is probably horrible by normal standards but was enough to chalk me up a W with this crowd.

Given the fact that I’ve been bowling 3 whole times now, I’d like to impart 3 shining pearls of Big Lebowski wisdom that will make you want to stitch your name on an unflattering shirt and eat chicken wings without washing your hands:

Tip #1: Bowl granny-style. It isn’t pretty, but it gets the job done.
Tip #2: Believe the ball’s slimy exterior is due to the Purell shower it takes on the journey back to you.
Tip #3: Wear thick socks to protect your feet from rental shoe infestation. Toss socks immediately after.

Is it a sport? I don't know. (I’m sure the Bowlers of America work up a great sweat growing their beer guts and receding hairlines). But it was goodtimes. Except for the weird guy I ran into outside the bathroom. He wanted me to listen to a song, and offered me his headphones. Mmmm. Using someone’s headphones is like using someone’s toothbrush. If we haven’t swapped spit, I want nothing to do with your earwax.

So that was a firm no.  But otherwise, super fun.

Need more convincing? Watch this inspirational video clip from the cinematic treasure, Grease 2:

I think Adrian Zmed may have disinfected my shoes. 

So, fellow natural athletes of pseudo-sports, share below your tales of darts, ping-pong, frisbee, bowling, or golf (which, let's face it, is just rich man's bowling).

Yep, I said it.  Discuss...

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chris said...

I CANT BELIEVE YOU WORE THE PUBLIC SHOES ON YOUR FEET. Hahaha caps lock but I am leaving it. ;)

Kevin (aka Kingpin) said...

Jen, seriously how could you say Golf isn't a sport? Criminal! Frisbee-Golf or Mini-Golf on the other hand........

Anonymous said...

Grease 2???? Serioiusley??????

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Chris: I know. I tried to block it out.

"Kingpin": Because it isn't! 80 year old men do it, it can't be that tough.

Anon: Um, yes, seriously.

Anthony said...

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