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May the Odds Be Ever in Your Favor

Post-apocalyptic YA novels about starving teenagers in a televised fight to the death really aren’t my thing.

I tried to resist.  But let’s face it: I can’t stand being left out of a pop culture phenomenon. So I borrowed The Hunger Games from a friend at work.

Did I like it?

Let’s just say, I read the 1st book, ordered the full series from Amazon, got them, AND read the next 2 books all in the span of about 10 days. That includes time I foolishly spent working and sleeping. I could have read them even quicker, but I was trying to drag the 3rd book out because I didn’t want the series to end.

The last time I did this much binge-reading was Twilight. Which I loved.

It begs the question, which one did I love better: Twilight or Hunger Games? Wow.  That's like Sophie's Choice.  I can't decide. I love them both.  Differently.

Can one possibly come out on top? 

Let’s battle it out together…

>> Twilight: Stephanie Meyers' 4 books & 4 movies (+1 to come)
>> Hunger Games: Suzanne Collins' 3 books & 1 movie (+2 to come)
>> The Winner: Tie
Here's Why: Supernatural Twilight was way longer.  More to sink my teeth into (jokes=0, puns=1).  But futuristic Hunger Games was a fast-paced feast (ahem).  And each HG book had a title that related better to the story.  I could never remember the names of the Twilight books, even as I was reading them.  Still, for me, this one's a toss up.

>> Twilight: Stormy Forks, Washington
>> Hunger Games: Dreary District 12, Panem
>> The Winner: Forks
Here's Why:  Panem seems miserable.  Everyplace but the Capitol is filled with struggling and starvation -- and that's a good day.  No thanks.  I'll take moody, rainy Forks and pack an umbrella.

>> Twilight: Vampires & werewolves live among us
>> Hunger Games: Children battling to the death is entertaining
>> The Winner: Kids fighting
Here's Why: Boxing.  Mixed Martial Arts.  Gangs.  Dog fights.  We live in a pretty violent society, and sometimes, you can even buy tickets and a beer so you can watch and cheer it on.  So is it really THAT far fetched that there'd be some annual kiddie Fight Club?  Sadly, no.

>> Twilight: Bitten by vampire & live forever
>> Hunger Games: Starve & die young
>> The Winner: Vampire
Here's Why: This one's no contest.  Have you ever seen a poor vampire?  No.  I think I could stand an eternity of living in awesome houses, driving amazing cars, and vacationing on my own island.  Even if it meant sitting through chemistry again.  Sure, there's the whole blood-sucking thing.  But I'd rather make a meal out of a meathead than out of a squirrel and some tree bark.

>> Twilight: Bella Swan
>> Hunger Games: Katniss Everdeen
>> The Winner: Katniss
Here's Why: Bella's a whiner.  Waah, the cutest boy in school has pledged his undying love for me.  Waaah, I'm going to be 18.  Waaaah, I might also love a werewolf.  Waaaaah, I'm living dangerously.  Waaaaaah, I can't walk in heels.  Waaaaaaah, I love my demon baby.  Please.  Katniss should shoot an arrow in Bella's ass and give her a reason to complain.

>> Twilight: Bella/Edward/Jacob
>> Hunger Games: Katniss/Gale/Peeta
>> The Winner: Katniss/Gale/Peeta
Here's Why:  It's a true triangle.  Ab-tastic Jacob really never had a chance of escaping the dreaded Friend Zone.  While Katniss faked her feelings to stay alive.  So to see real relationships develop with her hunting buddy, Gale, and fellow Tribute, Peeta, was sweet, surprising, and heart-wrenching.  PS: I'm totally Team Peeta.

>> Twilight: The Volturi
>> Hunger Games: President Snow
>> The Winner: Tie
Here's Why: Both smell like blood.  That's not normal.  They're also both very pale.  And they all speak in hushed tones, which is always scarier than yelling.  You'd really want to avoid these cats at all costs.

>> Twilight: Vampire, Dr. Carlisle Cullen
>> The Hunger Games: Former winner, Haymitch Abernathy
>> The Winner: Haymitch
Here's Why: Sure he's a drunk, but somehow he thinks clearly when it comes to the Games and he does his best to keep his Tributes alive by delivering food, medicine, and developing their entire love story.  Carlisle wasn't even there to deliver the demon baby -- some mentor!

>> Twilight: Alice Cullen
>> Hunger Games: Effie Trinket
>> The Winner: Alice
Here's Why: Aside from uttering the awesomely oblivious line that is title of this post, Effie's pretty useless.  Alice can see danger in the future.  That's a good skill to keep in your pocket.  Little known fact: when she's not busy saving other people's lives with her visions, she plays the odds in Vegas.  That's how they afford all Edward's Volvos.

>> Twilight: An apple, representing temptation
>> Hunger Games: A mockingjay pin, representing rebellion
>> The Winner: Mockingjay
Here's Why: That genetically-engineered mockingjay bird was all over the place.  It was famously worn as a pin, it was hidden on a watch, it was burned on a piece of bread, it inspired every outfit Cinna designed.  It became the symbol of a national revolution.  At the end of the day, the apple was just a fruity reminder that Bella shouldn't have sex before marriage.  Eh.

Well, alrighty then!  I guess Hunger Games took a bite out of Twilight (jokes=0, puns=2) after all. 

I can live with that.

Agree?  Disagree?  Too busy reading 50 Shades of Grey to care?  Comment below!

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Anonymous said...

Why choose at all? There is room for everything.

Chris said...

I agree Hunger Games has more appeal. Did you ever read Harry Potter? That's the next one you should compare. It can be a bracket :)

Anonymous said...


Jessica said...

I devoured Hunger Games too but how can you be Team Peeta? Did you see the movie? Yowsers. It's Gale all the way ;-)

Anonymous said...

I cannot get into these fantasy books. 50 Shades of Christian Grey, however, is a fantasy I can get behind...... <3

Anonymous said...

NO WAY! I wish I could send my used book back to Amazon or E.L. James for a refund and then request some compensation for my time wasted. Worst.Book.EVERRRRRRRRRRRR

Hunger Games was good. Better than Twilight in my opinion.

Paula C. said...

i just finished "Water For Elephants" and I have been looking for a new book to read. I am downloading book one of Hunger Games now. Thanx!

Anonymous said...

You should read tahe sookie stackhouse novels i am reading deadlocked right now it is so good.

Anonymous said...


Chris said...



Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Anon #1: I suppose, but then this would have been a very short post. I like Twilight. I like Hunger Games. The End!

Chris: Never got into Potter. I think I maybe saw 1 or 2 movies and that's about it. Why don't you write that one? You can be my guest blogger!

Anon #2 and #6: I know, they're both really good.

Jess: No, haven't seen the movie yet, but agreed Gale is hotter in it. But I just really liked Peeta. Though, in my head, he was tall.

Anon #3 & #4: Funny, I've heard mixed comments about this one. I think I'd be to embarrassed to walk into B&N and buy it. Definitely a downloader.

Anon #5: Yes, I've read the first 3 or 4 Sookie books too. I wrote a post a while back to see if I liked Twilight or True Blood better, and I couldn't decide. Maybe I'll go back and read the rest of the series!

Chris: I know, I know!