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Sure, the apocalypse (as evidenced NOT by the Mayan calendar, but by the lack of Twinkies on my grocery store shelf), Christmas, and the dreaded fiscal cliff are all right around the corner, but I only have my eyes on one date.


A repetitive date like this won't happen again until January 1, 3001 and [um... SPOILER ALERT] none of us will be around to see that. 

So, it's a special day!  And 12 is a special number.  It's everywhere. 

12 months in a year.  12 hours of the day and night.  12 inches in a foot.  12 astrological signs (or is it 13?).  12 days of Christmas.  12 apostles.  12 angry men

But more than anything, when I think of the number 12, a funkadelic little ditty from childhood pops to mind. 

Listening to this, I can remember being home from nursery school, in pigtails and Garanimals, sitting in my Jenny chair at my little blue table while munching on a delicious (really?!) cream cheese and grape jelly sandwich. 

And grooving to the sweet, sweet sounds of Sesame Street.  Ah, the 70's.  Enjoy...

What's YOUR favorite 12?  And was today once in a lifetime or just another Wednesday?

Count the ways below...

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Chris said...

I think people with kiddos hear this in their sleep but I havent heard this in ages good one. Happy 12/12/12 still applies to me on the West Coast ;)

Anonymous said...

who cares?