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Gobble Gobble

For some people, Thanksgiving just isn't Thanksgiving without that gloopy green bean casserole (it's kinda a vegetable).  For others, it's cranberry sauce fresh from a can (the ridges lock in the flavor!). 

For me, it's Stove Top Stuffing.  Classic chicken style.  Nothing else comes close. 

Well, just when I thought nobody could love a box of croutons and secret spices as much as I do, this little gem comes along:

Gobble, gobble, friends.

Serve up a dish YOU can't live without in the comments below.  And Happy Thanksgiving!

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Anonymous said...

Sweet potatoes with marshmallows :)

chris said...

I bring canned cranberry sauce every year got to have it.

chris said...


Jessica said...

I couldn't sleep so I was online and read your blog, you are a nut! This was funny so now I am wide awake and thinking of stuffing! Thanks a lot!! :)

Anonymous said...

Mrs Smith Pumpkin PIE

Anonymous said...

Video is Missing

Anonymous said...

You fixed the video thanks funny

chris said...

anyone home??

chris said...