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Santa Brought Me Lots (and Lots) of Nail Polish

Would you believe me if I told you Santa brought me 194 bottles of nail polish this Christmas?

No?  Hmm...

Well, what's more unbelievable about that statement: that I have one-hundred-ninety-four new bottles of nail polish, or that a fat man in a big red suit slid down my chimney to deposit them under my tree?

(Or that I don't own a salon?  Or that my teeny tiny 550 sqft apt can house a nail polish collection of this size?)

Ok, you're right, it wasn't Santa.  It was ME! 

It all started out innocent enough.  A present for you, a present for me.  But nail polish gift sets are like Lay's potato chips -- no one can buy just one! 

The next thing I knew, one became two, two became four, and four became... fifteen. 

Crazy.  I blame the fumes.

Good thing I have that silly nail polish blog to justify the expense.  I do it -- in the name of Science.

I knew I would be down in Del Boca Vista for Christmas, so I opened my presents (to myself) early.  In just 2 nights, I tried at least one shade from every single one of the sets.  And if you think your fingers get raw and raggedy from painting, and removing, and painting, and removing -- you're right. 

Good thing I don't take close-up shots of my hands.  Oh, wait...

If you're curious what these kits really look like, you can read the post here.  My faves were from Butter London, Ciate, Julep, OPI and Zoya.

I hope you too found lots of bright, sparkly things under your Christmas tree, Hanukkah bush, or Festivus aluminum pole!

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Jen M. said...

Wow, nice haul!!! Do you take appointments? :-P

Anonymous said...

thats too much

chris said...


Anonymous said...

Hey! I was late night googling my hometown and ran across this. Who exactly are you and where in P.B. did you live? I was from that forgotten corner where Gametown, Odowds, Frederick s, used to be. Now empty lot, Mickey D's, and Tiffs. If you'd care to touch base with a hometown boy, I;m @

chris said...


chris said...


Anonymous said...

Do you get paid to do this? Who paies for all the polish?