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Spring Fling

Lately, I've been up to my elbows in all things girly -- planning a Spring Fling party at work. If I show you some pretty pics, will you forget I haven't blogged in a month?

Didn't think so.

Still, here you go...

I asked for a plant wall with our logo written in flowers.
If Picasso and Miracle Gro had a baby, it would be Steve from Superior Florist.

Every party needs cute boys in pink & orange ties. We had 74 of them.
Did I mention they were models? And super nice? It's like spotting a unicorn. 

I never actually had the chance to eat the food, but if I had, I would have chowed down on this
fried chicken and watermelon like it was my job.

This was our perfume station. Guests could blend different scents and take 3 home
from Bergamot based in good old Brooklyn, NY.

This was our tribute to beauty then (as teens) and now (as ladies).
Doesn't it kind of look like a set out of a Wes Anderson movie?
Who could that be? I swear it's not me.  I'm definitely not at the 8th grade prom (minus my date).
And I'm certainly not wearing braces and electric blue eye shadow. Or a perm.
These were the stairs to the penthouse, lined with candles & flowers. Just like in my apartment,
minus the stairs, and the candles and the flowers and the penthouse.

We filled the clawfoot tub with flowers. And it was the prettiest tub in the history of bathrooms.
We taught all the women, and some men jockeying for husband/boyfriend of the year,
how to choose the perfect shade of MAC lipstick. I jumped into this station for a while when the line got too long
so I could help out, and I'm pretty sure I told a woman she was an "autumn" (whatever that means).

About a month ago, we saw this selfie machine at a conference and just had to have it. It's from a company called SOOH.
I still don't know how to pronounce that and now I know exactly how people feel about my last name...
Coachella's got nothing on us with these flower crowns from Urban Outfitters.
To no one's surprise, they "disappeared" in about an hour.
I would like these straws in every drink I ever have for the rest of my life.
If you would too, I suggest you contact For Your Party.

Our mixologists taught guests how to make 3 cocktails. This one is a strawberry tequila sour.
I'll have 7.

Who wouldn't want to eat healthy with this amazing spread at the build your own bruschetta bar?
The only question is... should you pronounce it bru-SKET-ta? Unless your name is Giada, I'm thinking no.

Can you get over this space? It's called Gary's Loft in midtown -- the elevators suck but the rest of the place
is so beautiful that it can make a raffle for shampoo and nail polish look like a work of art.

Our talented photographers Ashley & Scott took over 700 pictures, including the ones you see in this post. 
This is the only one of me (if you don't count the then & now pic), and I look like I'm about to sneeze. Super.

Anybody could learn to cook in a kitchen like this.

We used this for a dessert station, and I asked for liquid nitrogen so we could make sorbet & ice cream on the spot.
Somehow, our caterer, Scott and his team at Bite, made it happen. See the smoke? They are magic.

This is Jilly Hendrix, the coolest (and only) DJ I know. 
I wish I could keep her in my pocket so she could make the soundtrack of my life.

We opened up the roof deck just as the sun was setting.  This was the view.
Man, this city is pretty.

A look down at the kitchen from the roof.

String lights and outdoor heaters made a cozy atmosphere for something I called Night Brunch.
Who needs dessert at the end of a party when you can have chocolate chip & banana pancakes? 

I wish you could have been there too! 

If you still read this blog, I promise I'll post something new soon. Maybe next week. Definitely before summer. 


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Jessica said...

Gorgeous! That bath tub makes me happy

Anonymous said...

Awesome what is you're job?