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15 Totally Tasty July 4th Treats

I feel lucky to be an American, kinda like I won a lottery.

I really don't wish I lived any other place in the world. Of course, July is the time we celebrate the beauty of the US of A. But you know what's better than waving a flag?

Eating one.

So, I poked around and found these pin-tastic, pin-triotic desserts that are sure to add a spark to your Independence Day. And also make you the talk of the party. In a good way!

Now, we're friends, right?  So I should tell you that I haven't actually MADE any of these treats. And because I have no patience for baking, I probably never will.

But YOU can!  Here's how: Either roll up your sleeves and work hard for it, or hire somebody else to do it.

What's more American than that?

Cue the fireworks:

Meet the Cherbluble. It is a cherry pie stuffed inside a red velvet cake, on top of a blueberry pie stuffed inside a blue velvet cake, on top of an apple pie stuffed inside a vanilla cake, which has been covered in frosting and sprinkled with Pop Rocks. I have one word for this: 'MERICA!
(from SheKnows)

Did you just lick the screen?  Me too. Tastes like raspberry blueberry yogurt pops.
(from The View From Great Island)

Since my middle name is Cheese (and also Michelle), it stands to reason that cheesecake is my all-time favorite dessert. This lovely star-topped version is Italian-style (made with ricotta) vs New York-style (made with cream cheese). I prefer NY, but I wouldn't say no to a slice of this.
(from My Baking Addiction)

This surprise flag cake looks hard to make.  I imagine lots of  food coloring, then lots of cake pans baking in the oven, plus lots of cooling, and lots of slicing to make the flag pattern, and lots of delicate frosting that you would need to be careful not to ruin with cake crumbs. And then I would be afraid to cut it and see all my hard work get jacked up. Who knew a cake so pretty could have so much baggage?
(from Land O'Lakes)

These gorgeous red, white, and blue pinwheel icebox cookies were made by a former colleague from Epicurious. I used to love going to our edit meetings every week because they were awesome people and they had snacks. So seeing her cookies makes me smile.
(from Just a Taste)

Strawberry & Berry Blue Jell-O surround fluffy Cool Whip on a graham cracker crust. Say no more. Slice me up a piece of that patriotic pie!
(from Kraft)

Ok. This blueberry strawberry shortcake with fresh whipped cream is practically a health food. Look at all that FRUIT!
(from Family Circle)

I was introduced to the whoopie pie in college. My roommate's mom made 2 dozen for us and I seriously don't think they lasted the night. Her mom is an amazing baker and so is she -- I still kick myself that we never started a whoopie pie business! Who knew they would become a craze? By now, we would be rich (and fat). I'll have to console myself with a batch of these red & blue velvet whoops, but I'd swap the cream cheese frosting for their classic, fluffy marshmallow one. Yum.
(from Ambrosia)

I forget about Nilla Wafers until I see a recipe like this. Then I remember, I LOVE Nilla Wafers and I want to eat a whole box. Or, I could just add a few blobs of cheesecake filling and fruit and call it a parfait! Sounds far more elegant than strapping a box of cookies to my face and inhaling.
(from Snackworks)

Most foods are better on a stick. Exhibit A: The patriotic Rice Krispies Treat. On a stick. No mess -- genius! Now, if somebody could only make the mini marshmallows, butter, and cereal easier to mix I might actually make these!
(from Baking Beauty)

They say this firecracker Bundt cake is easy to make. Easy for Betty or easy for Jenny? I'm thinking Betty...
(from Betty Crocker)

Feeling fancy? These striped panna cotta and fresh red raspberry jelly trifles topped with blueberries are almost too beautiful to eat.
(from Pink Patisserie)

Everybody likes a chocolate-dipped strawberry, right? And look at these, all dressed up for the holiday in red, white, and blue. A total crowd-pleaser.
(from Make'n Mold)

Those mini tart shells you see in the freezer section never looked so good until somebody stuffed them with marscarpone and berries and arranged them into a flag. Get. In. My. Belly!
(from Food Network)

Like any good July 4th celebration, I thought it was fitting to end with a fireworks display. The Gruccis got nothing on Dani
(a friend from high school) and her icing tool. I can tell you firsthand, her sugar cookies are as pretty as they are tasty!
(from Sweet Dani B)

Hungry? Me too. I'm off to have an icepop.

Hope you have a happy (and sweet) 4th of July, everybody!

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Great collection of July 4th recipes, Jen. I'm going to pin all of them :)

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