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My Summer of Grilling

Did you know we eat 50 BILLION burgers a year?  That translates to about 3 PER WEEK per American.

That's a lot o' meat.

Now, I think by now you know I love to cook. And yet somehow, I went nearly 42 years without ever grilling. Probably because I think of barbecuing as Man's Work, like fishing and taking out the trash. And other stuff I don't feel like doing.

But I decided that's silly. Back in May, I bought a Weber at Home Depot and a ton of tools. (I love any excuse to accessorize.)

And you know what? Cooking outdoors is fun!

I think I know the reason that it's so popular: Because nobody invites friends over to microwave.

So throughout the summer, I fired up the grill.  Well, okaaay, I plugged it in and turned it up really, really high.  They say you can't have an open flame on the terrace...

Damn you, safety!

Anyway, you'll see I made burgers, and chicken, and steak, and seafood, and even s'mores.  What you won't see here is ribs.


Watching someone eat ribs is like watching the nature channel. It's gross. I feel the same about wings.

Personally, I love animals -- they're delicious. But if you don't like meat, this post probably isn't for you...

I started the summer making bacon cheeseburger sliders with ketchup and grilled onions. Yum.
"Man, I wish this was made of tofu," said no one ever. One nugget of advice -- just say NO to pre-made patties.
Make your own (and don't forget the salt & pepper). It makes all the difference.

Next up was Mexican turkey burgers. These were really tasty, if I do say so myself.
I mixed chorizo & green chiles with ground turkey, then I melted some pepper jack cheese
and slathered a brioche bun with guacamole on the top and chipotle mayo on the bottom.
I made it up as I went along, but it was a fiesta in my mouth!

I was feeling oddly Polynesian on this day, so  I made a teriyaki, brown sugar, mustard marinade
for salmon and grilled up some pineapples. That yellow lumpy stuff is rice. And that mason jar
is filled with pineapple lemonade wishing it was a cocktail.

This looks a little like chicken, but it's not. I wanted caprese salad, but needed something heartier
because I was, per usual, STARVING. So I made a spinach salad with heirloom cherry tomatoes and
marinated mozzarella balls and tossed it all in balsamic. Then I topped it with flank steak
marinated in Italian salad dressing and sundried tomato paste. I even remembered to let it
rest after I pulled it off the grill and I cut it against the grain so it wasn't chewy.
Two decades of watching Food Network finally paid off!

Here's a BBQ classic! This actually IS chicken, boneless and smothered in BBQ sauce. I used Sweet Baby Ray's
Hickory & Brown Sugar. To get it to steam, I soaked the corn in water for about an hour before I
wrapped it in foil with some butter and ranch seasoning. Then I grilled it with the chicken.
Once I shut the grill off, I loaded it up with s'mores to get some melty marshmallowy goodness going.
Full disclosure: I bought the cherry limeade and the cornbread. And I ate the s'more first.

My last grilling adventure was shrimp over pesto pasta salad. Here I used grape tomatoes, lots of
parmesan and Orzo macaroni because that's my mom's maiden name so I always have a box 
laying around. I probably could have grilled the tomatoes too, but I was feeling a little lazy.

Since today is Labor Day, summer has unofficially come to an end. But I feel like I'm on a grilling roll! I don't want to pack up the Weber just yet.  So share YOUR favorite BBQ tips or recipes below and I'll try them out.

Unless they involve ribs.  I leave that to the cavemen.

Or hot dogs. Because they're gross.

Yep, I said it.  Discuss...

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Jessica said...

Good for you for grilling, girl :)

BUT Hot Dogs, how could you not like them? Have you seen this article?

They call NJ the Center of the Hot Dog Universe!!!!!

chris said...

I'll giev you hotdogs but ribs are great here is my goto recipe

chris said...

and awesome dishes :) :) :)