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Refried Potatoes

Ok, so everybody knows this tater loves her TV.

Reality. Comedies. Dramas. Documentaries. Mysteries. Game shows. Talk shows. Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes and yes.

Give me all of it!

I've also been busy on a side project called... Jen Loves TV.

Any clue what it's about?

Of course, I'll still be writing here about all sorts of random things.  But that other site, Twitter and Instagram will be for my totally healthy, normal and casual interest in all things televised.

You may be wondering if this new site is for you. I suggest you take this quiz to know for sure.

Ok so back to our potato.  This fall season she was ready to serve up a slew of new shows, but guess what?

The world has officially run out of ideas because a lot of new shows are really just old potatoes.

Think potato croquettes. Potato soup.  Potato salad.  Tater tots.

There were SO many leftovers that I had to add a category below -- Refried Potatoes.  Like always, I -- that is, the Loveseat Potato -- watched at least 2 episodes of each show (30 in all!) to sort the spuds from the duds.

Grab a bag of stale chips and munch on this...

SPUD: Young Sheldon (CBS)
WHY IT'S A SMASH: This is a spinoff of The Big Bang Theory, a show I don't actually watch. But I'm a sucker for a nerdy kid, and this one's pretty cute.

Honorable Mention Goes To: The Guest Book (TBS), The Mayor (ABC)

REFRIED POTATOES: Will & Grace (NBC), Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO), Kevin Can Wait (CBS -- not 100% recycled, but they killed off the wife so they could recreate the chemistry from King of Queens so it counts)

DUDS: 9JKL (CBS), Me Myself & I (CBS), Friends From College (Netflix)

SPUD: Kevin (Probably) Saves the World (ABC)
WHY IT'S A SMASH: I loved John Ritter, and I love Jason Ritter too -- he's cute and likable, just like his dad. Seems like a sweet show.

Honorable Mention Goes To: The Deuce (HBO), The Sinner (USA), Ozark (Netflix), Glow (Netflix)


DUDS: Ten Days in the Valley (ABC), Law & Order True Crime: The Menendez Murders (NBC), I'm Dying Up Here (HBO), Wisdom of the Crowd (CBS)

SPUD: Celebrity Big Brother (CBS)
WHY IT'S A SMASH: It hasn't even aired yet, but the rest of the new reality lineup is crap. This UK hit is coming to the US this winter and I can't wait.

Honorable Mention Goes To: Siesta Key (MTV), Beat Shazam (FOX -- it's basically Name That Tune, but I like it)

REFRIED POTATOES: Battle of the Network Stars (ABC), Love Connection (FOX), Joker's Wild (TBS), TRL (MTV), My Super Sweet 16 (MTV)

DUDS: 90's House (MTV), American Beauty Star (Lifetime), A Night With My Ex (Bravo), Real Estate Wars (Bravo)

Disagree? See anything I missed?  Pass the onion dip, put the DVR on pause and comment below...

PS: I gave the blog a facelift -- what do you think?


Jessica said...

The blog looks great Jen! I took the quiz the new website and got a 3. I guess I need to try harder, lol.

Anonymous said...

how do you not watch the big bang theory?

Anonymous said...

best show on TV!!!!!!!!!!!!