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Say Cheese

I wish I could say I have a good excuse for why I haven't blogged in so long, but anything I tell you will sound... cheesy.

You know the drill: work, more work, life, blah...

I did make time for a Cubs game at Wrigley with my fam and a Bon Jovi concert at MSG with my best friends. Super funtimes!

But mostly, it was work.


Anyway, a few months ago, a little birdie told me that Planter's Cheez Balls were coming back this summer (this Sunday, to be exact). Well, I have eaten them, and I can tell you...

They're perfect! As good you as you remember from those family roadtrips to The Shore when you were a kid.

And I'm pretty sure a whole can is still a single serving, right?  Yes, just like Pringles.

In honor of this snack comeback, here are my cheese, glorious cheese Top 10:

    Thanks, Mr. Peanut! These are nothing but crispy, cheezy goodness.  For the record, I also love Nacho Cheese Doritos, Cheddar Cheese Chex Mix, Cheetos, Cheez Waffles and Cheddar Cheese & Sour Cream Ruffles, but these are a hands-down nostalgic fave. Welcome back!
  2. CHEEZ-IT:
    The classic kind is a tasty snack. I like them better than Cheese Nips, I wish Big Cheez-Its were bigger, and I don't like any of the new flavors or shapes, except Extra Toasty.  Those are pretty great too.
    I seriously think I would have starved in grades 4-6 if I couldn't have this for lunch. Every day, my mom would make 6 of them with Wispride spreadable cheddar cheese sandwiched on a Ritz cracker, wrapped in tin foil.  It was perfectly aged by lunchtime, and I washed it down with an iced tea Ssips. In other news, I still eat them today. On Wheat Thins.
  4. MAC & CHEESE:
    The homemade kind is pretty awesome, but it takes time. Which I don't have. So, for me, it's Kraft Deluxe or Stouffer's. Both are creamy, comforting and made better with a liberal coating of French's Fried Onions.
    This is the only thing I order when I go to a diner. Unless I want breakfast for dinner, then it's pancakes. But otherwise, it's this. Always with bacon, usually with onion rings. Never disappoints.
    Another diner classic! Disco's not my style, but Cheez Whiz cheese fries can't be beat. Especially late night. Even more so when the fries are tater tots. Tots for the win!
    There's literally nothing better on the planet than a NY slice. I could eat one for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Cold or hot. It's all good. When I can't get the real deal, I'll bake up a Stouffer's French Bread, or make English muffin pizzas (Thomas's Sandwich Size + Kraft Mozzarella with a Touch of Philly + Ragu Pizza Sauce = Happiness).
    A few summers ago, I started grilling, and I make a mean cheese burger! But I don't always feel like cooking, so it's Five Guys for me. I wish they'd put a Shake Shack in Hoboken, then the Guys would have a run for their money. (Are you listening, Danny Meyer? We have a Drybar, a Sephora & a West Elm -- bring your bougie burgers here, stat!)
    It's well-documented that this is my birthday cake of choice, and there's ONLY one kind: New York Style. If I'm feeling fancy, it's Juniors all the way, but for a quick pick me up, Sarah Lee frozen cheesecake with strawberry topping does the trick.
    I'll admit it, I like my American cheese yellow. Tastes better, especially when it's Land O Lakes freshly sliced THIN from the deli counter. It's worth the wait. But I've also never met a Brie, Blue, Feta, Gouda, or Goat cheese I didn't like. The same cannot be said for Cheese Curds. I've eaten them in Wisconsin & even tried them fried. They're squeaky and awful. Like if a cheddar cheese cube and an eraser had a baby. Chewy? You betcha.

So, enough about health foods!

Imagine if I were lactose intolerant? That would suck. Sorry if you are.

I will leave you with a lame joke: What do you call a cheese that's not yours?

Leave your answer in the comments... (if you still read this!).

1 comment:

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

No one answered my lame joke, so I'll just leave this here:
Nacho Cheese.