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City of Angels

My first post of 2019 is all about work, which, let's be honest, is basically my life.

Cue the violins...

I mean, it's rough kicking off the year in sunny Los Angeles at an empowering event for female social media influencers.

Right?  No?

Ha, ok, anyway, we haven't been in LA for a couple of years, so it was cool to be back on the west coast. And what better place to talk about health & wellness than a city founded on yoga, green juice, and eternal youth?

Check it out:

Not mad about leaving this wintry Newark day behind!
Pretty sure those are the Rockies, but I couldn't really hear the captain.
Hello, LA!
The first thing I saw when I arrived for setup were these buckets of
beautiful roses. In my next life, I'm def going to be a florist.
600 tote bags were stuffed with goodies and stacked.
And upstairs on the roof, I saw somebody brought their
tiny dog to an active construction site.  Smart.
Outside in the alley, a guy was painting our mural.
Eventually our guests started to arrive to take
a private exercise class with the Tone It Up girls.
I'm pretty sure the recommended post-workout drink is rosé.
Here are our Voices of the Year winners, including Olympic Gymnast,
 Aly Raisman (top left), and our very own Jenni (bottom right), who was
diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma last year and is now cancer-free!
Street art spotted from the window of my Uber after Day One.
Day Two ready to begin....
(or at least what it would have looked like
if they weren't still hanging our logo when our guests arrived).
Samantha! Alyssa Milano was gracious and personable, talking about how a
friendship with Ryan White led her to become an activist at age 15.
Jameela Jamil, from The Good Place, flipped off advertisers
& influencers who make women feel bad about their bodies.
Model Jaime King spoke openly about her infertility issues.
That's celeb trainer & CoverGirl spokeswoman, Massy Arias.
And this lady in the glasses is Dr Minkin, a hilarious OBGYN from Yale,
who told us the morning after pill was invented in her dept.
Our lunch came from a lovely local place called Lemonade.
We also had a barista making pretty coffee drinks.
That's my friend, Deb's, latte.
The freight elevator was turned into the De-Stress Express
with loads of new Vaseline products & a cool sequin wall.
Remember that rooftop with the dog?
It was transformed into this outdoor oasis for Bolthouse Farms.
When it was all over, my team snapped a quick pic.
Thanks to this filter, we don't look nearly as tired as we were!
Then we washed down a health event with a whole lot of meat.
Some of my friends got the Tomahawk Steak, which was served
on a gigantic bone, but I went with the Big Ass Burger,
which was honestly one of the best I ever had.
This is the view from my window seat.
Not pictured here is me, dreaming of my bed. 

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