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A Night at the Roxbury

Can you fall in love with a motel? If so, consider me smitten.

I spent my Saturday night at The Roxbury. Now, hold on to your head-bob -- this isn’t a creepy dance club.

It IS a sleek, chic, unique and totally magnifique motel in the Catskills, owned by two dear friends, Greg & Joseph. It’s like a little slice of Soho in the country (and I DO mean country, on the way in I passed a livestock auction and an Elk’s Lodge hosting a something called “pan cake brkfst” -- I’m thinking they ran out of vowels).

Anyway, absolutely everyone should pay them a visit (and yes, that means YOU). Here’s why…

The Scenery:
I thoroughly enjoyed the 150-mile ride through winding roads alongside babbling brooks and tree-lined hills. I even spent some quality time with nature -- and I have the muddy navy blue ballet flats to prove it! I can’t really imagine myself visiting in the winter (mainly because I don’t ski -- skiing combines everything I hate: runny noses, freezing cold, and athleticism), but I’m dying to do it all over again in the Fall to see all the amazing colors of changing leaves. And if you do enjoy barreling down a mountain at breakneck speeds, I hear Hunter, Windham, and Bellayre are nearby.

The Décor:
I don’t even know where to begin here. You can look at the beautiful photos on their website, but nothing compares to seeing these rooms firsthand. Each one draws from art, TV, movies, fashion and design from the 60’s and 70’s. But not in a lame Planet Hollywood/Hard Rock Café kind of way. Think more artistic than tchotchkes. Every inch has been carefully curated, every detail lovingly assembled into colors, textures, and themes inspired by The Flintstones, The Jetsons, I Dream of Jeannie (the iconic pink genie bottle bathroom is a showstopper), The Partridge Family, and more. And the mirage doesn’t stop there -- the slick main kitchen and living room, the sparkly Shimmer Spa, the futuristic outdoor green glass fire pit, and the custom light fixtures hanging in the entryways (one of which looks a cross between the ornate glass ceiling art at the Bellagio and the Weight Watcher’s Hungry Monster) -- are like a dream. A very stylish, posh, slightly trippy, orange and lime green dream. Am I booking the genie bottle on my very next visit? Yes, Master!

The Bed:
Sleeping on a cloud doesn’t do this bed justice. It’s more like sleeping on a fluffy marshmallow, on top of a pile of feathers, on top of a puff of air, on top of a bowl of cotton candy, and then, oh yeah, the cloud. Add the 42in flatscreen TV (did I ever tell you I sleep with the TV on?) and it was a little something I like to call, Slumber Heaven. Zzzzzzz.

The Snacks:
You know that main kitchen I mentioned earlier? It’s stocked full of goodies all day long. You’ll find croissants, cinnamon buns, scones, yogurt, and OJ in the morning. Want a little something to nosh on while perusing the DVD library? Try a wasabi peanut. Feeling the chilly mountain air? Warm up with some white chocolate hot cocoa. Need something stronger? There’s wine and bubbly in your mini-fridge, and you can even order a cheese platter, perfect for midnight snacking. What more could a hungry girl (or guy) ask for?

The Hosts:
I was honored to receive the red carpet royal treatment -- I might as well have been wearing a tiara (which, incidentally, they do have on-hand if you are so inclined). But it wasn’t just MY stay that Greg and his staff wanted to make unforgettable -- they went the extra mile for everyone. You’ll never EVER find more thoughtful hosts. Seriously.

In Short:
I am in awe.

It blows my mind that they haven’t been doing this for decades, but the fact is The Roxbury has only been around for 5 years. Greg & Joe gutted a dilapidated strip of efficiency apartments and transformed them into an award-winning oasis. It’s plain to see they are doing what they were born to do. And since they are far too modest to brag about their extraordinary achievements, I’ll do it for them.

Oh, wait. I think I just did!

So, which room would YOU stay in? Take a look and write your favorite(s) in the comments below.


whirlwind said...

Jen, Jen, Jen, what an amazing writer you are. And what an amazing weekend we had! Thank you so much for taking the time out of your busy city girl life and spending it with us country folk. And mark my words, I'm gonna get you up here full time someday - just wait and see... (-Greg)

Anonymous said...

This place is so cool. I'd go with the Genie Bottle room too!

Anonymous said...

i really liked the Breakfast at Tiffany's room

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Aw Greg, SO glad you liked the post. I had an amazing time with you guys too. Can't wait to visit again (and get more of Joseph's delicious home cooking!).

Anon #1: The genie room HAS to be seen to be believed -- the tile in the bathroom is my favorite part, pink and purple and silver sparkles...

Anon #2: Remember that tiara I mentioned? I'm pretty sure it comes with the Tiffany room. Definitely check it out!

Anonymous said...

all the rooms look great, can't pick a favorite :)

whirlwind said...

The tiara does indeed come with the Tiffany room. Our guest today was wearing it around the property. God I loved that... -G.

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Ha, I would have loved to see that!