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A Shameless Plug... Again

It was about a year and a half ago that I last blogged about something I was doing at work. It was Valentine's Day. And I was throwing 14 weddings. Again.

I typically shy away from writing about my job, in part because a few colleagues actually read this thing. I don't need to become a living urban legend: Girl Who Got Fired Over Work-Related Griping in Personal Blog.

But today, I feel compelled to share what's happening this week for 2 reasons:
1) it's just a cool event and I'm psyched to have pulled it off, amidst all the chaos in my life, and
2) it's such an ABSURD thing to be doing, given all the chaos in my life

In my dating days, I likened working at a bridal website to working at a leper colony. Guys didn't want anything to do with it. But I've recently realized what's infinitely worse than being single while working in bridal is having your relationship/engagement crumble before your eyes, while working in bridal.


Not a day -- not an HOUR -- goes by without rubbing salt in this particular wound.

Just last week I was in a meeting. We were looking at some product samples, and amidst all the hoodies and candles and picture frames, were the exact same wedding invitations I wanted to use (a lovely Kate Spade number with cheerful yellow or green flowers), and the exact same toasting flutes and serving set (the classic Vera Wang Love Knots) that we actually received as engagement gifts.

Everything I do professionally revolves around helping other people plan their weddings. Right now, if I were to sum up my job in one word, it would be excruciating.

Anyway, back to my shameless plug!

It's a project I've been working on for months -- called The Love Truck. And don't go getting the wrong idea. The shaggin' wagon this is not.

What this IS is a glass box truck that will be parked in Times Square, Union Square, and Soho over the next 3 days so that we can... wait for it... videotape people sharing their LOVE STORIES!

The irony of this is not lost on me.

Anyone who has NOT been kicked in the butt by love should come visit us at the truly adorable-looking Love Truck (and please bring me one of those new Starbucks frozen strawberry Frappucinos and/or a Dunkin Donuts watermelon Coolata -- they look delicious and if I drink them superfast, they just might give me a brainfreeze to dull the pain).

If you're not in NYC, or not into public displays of affection, you can also upload your loooove story straight to the site. The top-rated videos will each receive cool prizes, so give it a whirl. We could even rig it so that you win!

JOKES -- just jokes, people (and by "people," I mean lawyers).

That may be precisely the kind of thing you get fired over.


Anonymous said...

Great seeing you today! I'm sure this was the last thing you felt like doing, but you'd never know. A total pro.

Anonymous said...

Yikes. I didn't even think of that. When Mark and I divorced, work was an escape! Poor girl. Hang in there.

And the truck looks adorable!

jen m said...

So funny running into the Love Truck in Union Square. You've had a long couple days. Make sure you take some time off for you now.

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

"Anon" #1: Awesome seeing you too. I miss you! Thanks so much for coming down. And thanks for the strawberry frappucino!

"Anon" #2: Thanks. Although being in finance and going through a divorce probably isn't a great combo either.

Jen M: Yep. Now that this event is over, I'm trying to take a few days off so I can find a place to live. Pretty sure I'm headed back to the city. It's totally normal to move 3x in 5 months, right?