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Big Blue Wrecking Crew

One week from today, we'll all be huddled around the TV watching the Super Bowl for a night of testosterone-fueled fun.  A Giants fan by birth, I'll be marginally more interested in this game than I am most years, but really I'm in it for one thing.

The snacks.

Field goal, fumble, touchdown, sack, or blitz.  I don't really care, just pass the chips.

My brother and sister-in-law are ordering up some of the old standbys from their local Italian deli -- a 4ft sub, a tray of baked ziti -- and I've been tasked with bringing a mystery dish.  The question is, what to bring?  Savory or sweet? 

I'm a good cook, but I'm not a good baker.  Cooking I like because it's improvisational.  A pinch of this, a dash of that.  Ok, I get it.  But baking is so precise!  If your measurements are off, your cake's a wreck.  And the pitfalls don't stop there -- what you put ON a cake is as important as what you put IN it.

For inspiration, I've turned to Cake Wrecks.  File these in your Big Game baking playbook under "What Not To Bring"...

Are you ready for some FOOBTALL?!?

Wow, this dog is an artist. He poops out footballs!

Home?  Away?  Who cares!  All I know is " You Teaw" is here, and that's enough for me.

When football and Hanukkah collide. Yee haw!  (Oy vey.)

Super Bowel, Go Go Go.  Is that a cheer after you've had too much bean dip?

Keep your hands where I can see them, Cookie. Nobody wants to touch down there.

Here's someone who knows less about football than I do.  They're round, dummy! (Kidding, I know they're square.)

We salute you, Mr. Grocery-Store-Bakery-Cake-Decorator. (Ooooh ooh... tell us how you really feel!)

You know what?  Football IS fabulous!  Go Red Sox!

Are YOU baking up anything special for Sunday? Save me a slice below...

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Anonymous said...

We are having cannolis: GO GIANTS!

Jessica said...

OMG these cakes are hilarious! You always find the best stuff. :)

PS I'm making brownies and choc chip cookies. You can't go wrong with that.

Anonymous said...

have you ever make millionaire shortbread? i heard that is good

Anonymous said...

Im deciding between cheesecake brownies and peanutbutter brownies.

Chris said...

Well, I am deciding between this and a bag of Oreos..........

Tom Brady #1 said...

Ahahahahaaaa these are great. Just one thig the PATS WILL WIN!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

No bake peanut butter balls

One year we ate them all before the game even started :)

Chris said...

More favorite is the cookie. Way to dream big

Ohh and "Tom Brady" your going down!!!!!

Kevin said...

Aweee yeahhhhhh G-men! What did you make?

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Anon #1: We had cannolis too!

Jess: Thanks!

Anon #2: I had that once at a picnic and I had to step away, I could have eaten the whole plate.

Anon #3 & #4: Both sound delicious. If only I could bake... Maybe you can make them for me?

Chris: That stadium is UNREAL. Such an awesome find.

"Tom": Sorry for your loss. Actually, no, I'm not.

Kev: Woo hoo! I wound up buying the cannolis. But my sister-in-law made this amazing thing like a s'mores and a cookie and a brownie had a baby. Delish.