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What Do You Wear to The White House?

So, I'm in DC for an event I'm working on at The White House.

Say what?!?

Not a white house.  THE White House.

I'm beside myself. 

I've worked on some very cool events in my day.  Dennis Rodman signing books in a wedding dress.  American Idol tryouts at Giants Stadium with the Travelocity Roaming Gnome.  Proposals at the ice rink in Rockefeller Center. Valentine's Day weddings atop the Empire State Building.  Love stories in a glass truck in Times Square. 

But this one takes the cake. 

It all started over a year ago when our Editor in Chief had an idea to team up with Let's Move for a healthy recipe contest for kids.  Fast forward to this April, when we launched a nationwide search for the best school lunch recipes from every state.  That's where I came in. 

In July, we announced winners from all 50 states, plus DC and 3 territories.  And this weekend we are bringing 54 Junior Chefs, age 8-12, plus a parent, to our nation's capital for 2 days filled with foodie fun.  The cherry on top is lunch at The White House with the First Lady (and a mini concert from a boy band on Nickelodeon that the young people enjoy, called Big Time Rush). 

Just your normal, run-of-the-mill weekend.

Juggling complex travel itineraries and logistics for these events is nothing compared to the biggest thing weighing on my mind right now.


Oh, the pressure! 

I want my outfit to convey how honored I feel to be there.  I hope to look feminine but authoritative.  I want to be dressy but appropriate for a daytime lunch with kids.  It should be summery but modest.  I need to have some level of comfort so I could spring into action at any moment. And let's not forget, if there's any time -- ever -- in your life to look patriotic, this is IT!

I had 2 outfits already in my closet.  One I've worn to a wedding, one I wear to work.  Meh. 

So I bought a new dress.  Then I bought 2 more.  PLUS 4 pairs of shoes.  (Way to stimulate the economy, Jen.)  I couldn't stop!  I did a fashion show in my apt.  Twice.  And I STILL can't decide, so I brought them all with me.

I turn to you, Trusted Reader.  Please help!

Take a look at what I'm working with and vote below:

I'll wear whatever you pick for me.  Seriously.  As long as it's one of these outfits.

I hear the lunch will be televised, so tune live in starting at 10am on Monday to watch this super exciting event at The White House. 

And also to see what I wear.  'Cause those 2 things are pretty much on par. 

Wish me luck!!

In the meantime, here's a taste of what's to come:

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Chris said...

How cool!!

Jessica said...

Saw you on the live feed Amazing!

Good outfit choice ;)

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Saw it on the news!

Jen M. said...

I guess we know what you wore!!! I am sure you are tired but you had better blog about the actual event!!