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The Brother Bowl

The Super Bowl is my 3rd most favorite holiday of the year. 

The 1st is my birthday, obvi because of the presents. 

The 2nd is Christmas, again... presents. 

But the big game slides right in at a respectable 3rd, beating out all other stuff-your-face holidays (Thanksgiving, I'm talking to YOU) because it has one critical element at the heart of it all.


Oh, how I love TV.  And I love snacks.  And I love commercials.  Did I mention I love TV?

With Super Bowl XLVII and Downton Abbey going head-to-head on Sunday night, I’m torn about which way to turn. Kinda like Jack & Jackie Harbaugh.

I’ll prob watch the game and DVR Downton. (As for the Harbaughs… good luck with that.)

I typically spend Super Bowl Sunday with my brother and his family. We dress up in our Giants gear -- even if they're not playing.  The party kicks off around noon and it’s an all day event.

You’ve got to pace yourself.  Bragging rights are on the line -- who made the best chili, who’s winning the football pool, who can eat the most Cheetos at once, who’s taller. (My bro wins that one by a mile.  Seriously, a mile. He is THAT tall.)

This year, they’re in their new hometown outside Chicago. Even if I trash-text instead of trash-talk, and mock their horrible pizza AND the Bears while eating a delicious, NY-style, Italian cold-cut "sangwitch," the game just won’t be the same!

I'll miss them a ton.  Thank God for snacks.

Since the Hot Wing Bandit recently made off with $65K worth of chicken wings, you may be wondering what to feast on come game day.

May I suggest a 100% Dip Super Bowl Party?

Let’s face it, the wings may get all the glory, but the dips are really everyone’s MVP.  Or maybe that’s just me.  Whatever.

Whether you’re rooting for the Ravens, the 49ers, or the Pepto Bismol you will undoubtedly need on Monday morning, here are a dozen dips to indulge in:

Caramelized Onion & Shallot Dip from Bon Appetit
Scoop with: potato chips

Jalapeno Popper Dip from Brown-Eyed Baker
Scoop with: corn chips

Hot Crab Dip from Chow
Scoop with: crackers

Loaded Baked Potato Dip from Closet Cooking
Scoop with: potato chips

Rick Bayless' Guacamole with Bacon from Epicurious
Scoop with: tortilla chips

Guy Fieri's Pepperoni Pizza Dip from Food Network
Scoop with: garlic bread

Spinach Artichoke Dip from Gimme Some Oven
Scoop with: pita chips

Queso Fundito with Chorizo from Gourmet
Scoop with: corn chips

Bacon Scallion Hummus from Just a Taste
Scoop with: pita chips

Mexican Layer Dip from the Pioneer Woman
Scoop with: tortilla chips

Gooey Cheeseburger Dip from Serious Eats
Scoop with: crackers

Hot & Spicy Buffalo Shrimp Dip from Skinnytaste
Scoop with: celery

So is an all-dip Super Bowl party a fumble or a... field goal?  What's YOUR favorite dip?  

Serve it up in the comments below...

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chris said...

Now your speaking my language. Guacamole is my favorite dip when someone is making it for me.

Anonymous said...

beautiful family :)

Jen M. said...

Great game! We had 4 dips, and wings too.

Kevin said...

It's not the dips or the wings it's the 6ft subs that make the party. Also cute t-shirt ;)

Anonymous said...

this makes me hungry!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...