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Woohoo, My Ikea Catolog Is Here!

Guess what was in my mailbox tonight?

The 2014 Ikea catalogue!!

Well, happy early birthday to me.  There's nothing better than snuggling up on my couch for some me-time with my old Swedish pal.

Ok, ok, there are SOME things that are better.  But this is up there.

I read someplace that each year Ikea prints 3x more copies of their catalogue than there are copies of the Bible on the PLANET, so chances are you have one too.

Lucky us!
I wish I could crawl into the pages and take a nap.  I can't wait to see what Ektorp, Hemnes, Billy, Ingolf, and Lack have been up to.  I wonder what unpronounceable names Ikea will introduce me to this year? 

Sure, their tiny meatballs freak me out.  But don't think there aren't days when I'm schlepping my groceries home from Fairway that I wouldn't kill for one of Ikea's giant blue & yellow plastic totebags.

I think they get a bad rap (much like my beloved Jersey).  There's this idea that because the furniture is cheap, it's also crappy.  I disagree. 

All my living room furniture is from the (discontinued -- sniff, sniff) Markor collection.  It's super heavy & made of actual wood.  At least I think it's actual wood.  Anyway, I've had it for about 10 years.  It's been through about 5 moves and it's still looking great. 

Plus I like having the satisfaction that I built my own furniture -- like an urban Paul Bunyan.  Or some other pioneer-type lumberjack.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I need to order a chandelier that looks like Sputnik. 

While you wait for YOUR catalogue, please enjoy this video:


Isn't Ikea the best?!  No?  Huh. 

Name ONE thing better below...

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Jessica said...

I got this yesterday too! The green couch is to DIE for :)

Anonymous said...

funny video but everything is better than ikea hate that place I feel like a rat in a ugly furniture maze

Susan Perry said...

Thanks I went to Ikea in Elizabeth, N.J. to get a catalogue and some Swedish meat-balls and stuff for thie kiddos.

chris said...

yooohooo Birthday girl...