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Forty Finally Found Me


As you know, I started the year completely bummed about turning 40

40?!?  Yes, 40.  Sigh...

Looking back, I spent most of this year focused (obsessed?) on what I didn't have: a dream job, a husband, kids, a home.  It's not that I wanted to cling to my 30's -- trust me, they were crappy, I'm happy to see them go.

I just wanted to feel like I've accomplished something in 40 years!

The good news is that in the past 8 months, I've been able to cross at least ONE big thing off this wishlist.  It's not the home.  Or the husband.  Or the kids.  (Please, contain your shock).  It's the job.  I got a new one, which I'm totally loving.

Anyway, I chose not to have a big bday bash, in favor of a series of small get-togethers with many of the people I love most.  Maybe even YOU! 

If this birthday month has taught me anything at all, it's that I'm very blessed.

Here's what 40 gave to me:
  • 11 mini-celebrations with family, new friends, and old friends who feel like family
  • 4 more parties to go
  • 7 little munchkins who have brought more joy to my life than I ever thought possible
  • 5 surprise greetings that made my day
  • 4 gorgeous pieces of jewelry
  • 3 bouquets of pretty flowers
  • 2 homemade cards from the cutiepies pictured above
  • 1 show with a Broadway legend and a best friend
  • 1 friendship bracelet from my favorite almost 10-year old
  • 1 birthday greeting from a Chase ATM (honestly, that one was weird)
  • 1 very special bag named Louis, a gift I gave to myself
I'm not sure what the next decade holds, other than an invitation from AARP, but with every candle I blew out, my wish was the same. 

You know the drill...

Here's what I now believe: every wrinkle is a smile, every gray hair reminds me I'm too smart to make the same mistakes twice, and every extra pound is a great meal shared with someone I love.

I'm a lucky girl.  A thousand thanks for making my birthday happy!


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chris said...

HBD JG!!!!!!!!!! You dont look a day over 24 which is even younger than when we met ;)

Jessica said...

What a beautiful picture. Happy, Happy, Happy Birthday to you!

Anonymous said...

Sounds ike a great Birthday (-:

Jen M said...

Happy Birthday Jenn!

Anonymous said...

Happee biirrrrthdaaaaaay!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Kevin said...

You make 40 look good :)

Anonymous said...

I am hoping my boyfriend buys me a Louis Vuitton for my birthday too I am worth it!

JR said...

Happy birthday Auntie Jenny!

Siobhan said...

Great to see things are going well for you!