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I Heart Rodolphe Lindt

(Note: This is a sponsored post for SheKnows Experts Among Us, but the taste test is all my own)

As you know, I've been enjoying Lindt LINDOR Caramel milk chocolate truffles at work each day (hard life, I know). 

Truth is, I have a total soft spot in my heart for these sweet treats because they make me think of my mom.

Each Christmas when I was growing up, we would head to Willowbrook Mall in scenic Wayne, NJ.  We'd take the escalator up to the 2nd floor, then make a beeline to the shops outside Lord&Taylor to pick up our favorite stocking stuffer. 

Any guess what that was?

Liver & onions! 

Kidding.  It was a big gold bag of Lindt LINDOR chocolate truffles from the Lindt store.  To this day, no holiday is complete without them.  Occasionally, we'd have a few left by the time Christmas Day rolled around.  Always a good idea to leave one for Santa... the man cannot live on cookies alone.

Anyway, at the time we took this photo (17 years ago!), I was a size 8, mauve curtains were all the rage, and that yummy chocolate goodness cost just $10.  But even today, it's an amazing value.

I suppose the same can be said for my pants.

Anyway, you might recall the first taste test I ever did was with a chocolate that melts in your mouth, not in your hands.  Well, THIS is the original that makes every day feel like a special occasion.

My parents live down in Del Boca Vista now, so they can't do this taste test with me, but I'm guessing they'll be pretty happy when I bring them the leftovers next month. 

(If they last that long.)

Join me on a sweet escape...

Recipe: LINDOR Caramel

Shell: milk chocolate infused with caramel
Center: caramel milk chocolate

Escape: major me time

Recipe: LINDOR Dark Chocolate

Shell: dark chocolate
Center: dark chocolate

Escape: medium me time

Recipe: LINDOR Extra Dark Chocolate

Shell: 60% cocoa extra dark chocolate
Center: dark chocolate

Escape: minor me time

Recipe: LINDOR Hazelnut

Shell: milk chocolate with hazelnut pieces
Center: hazelnut milk chocolate

Escape: major me time

Recipe: LINDOR Milk Chocolate

Shell: milk chocolate
Center: milk chocolate

Escape: major me time

Recipe: LINDOR Peanut Butter

Shell: milk chocolate
Center: peanut butter milk chocolate

Escape: massive me time
(yes, there are only 2 here -- I ate 1 during the photo shoot -- I am only human)

Recipe: LINDOR Stracciatella

Shell: white chocolate with cocoa pieces
Center: white chocolate

Escape: major me time

Recipe: LINDOR White Chocolate

Shell: white chocolate
Center: white chocolate

Escape: medium me time

Looks like I gravitate towards the salty-sweet combos -- the ultimate taste combination.  Like, anything and bacon (Lindt, are you listening?). 

What's YOUR chocolate personality?  Vote below! 

Wow, I got through this whole post without once saying, "life is like a box of chocolates!"



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Jessica said...

Adorable pic!

chris said...

You still look pretty as that picture that chocolate looks pretty good too :)

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