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Dear Steve Jobs,

There’s a lot going on in the world these days. 100,000 fish just dropped dead in Arkansas. Australia is under water. Snowmageddon paralyzed the whole eastern seaboard last week. Brad Womack is back as the Bachelor.

But I’m laser-focused on one thing: Verizon getting the iPhone.

I check the news daily and I read discussion boards I don’t really even understand, desperately searching for kernels of information, rumors, whispers, and other assorted propaganda. I’ve asked sweet baby Jesus. I’ve asked Santa Claus. And now I’m asking you…

When are you releasing a Verzon iPhone?

I know you handed over the iPad. It's not enough. I need the phone. Just give me a date! We all know it’s coming! But WHEN?? I can’t wait much longer.

Do you SEE the ridiculous junk I’m still carrying in the hopes that my dream phone is right around the corner? It might as well be a tin can and a string.

I bought my Motorola Razr like 6 YEARS ago because I saw it on Entourage and thought it was cool. Even Johnny Drama has moved on by now! And don’t even get me started on my iPod. It belongs in a museum at this point. Plus the battery dies whenever it’s cold outside.

Like now.

It’s not right to make me suffer this way!

Verizon telemarketers don’t even bother to call me anymore to upgrade. Even THEY think I am a lost cause and they have horribly low standards. I see their flashy commercials, but I am not tempted. Incredible?  Ha!  I say Droid Schmoid. I’m holding out for the iPhone. And only YOU can make that happen.

I long for the day that I can download useless apps. I vow to cherish every swipe of my shiny new iTunes library. And I will honor my awesome video chat capabilities by putting on lip gloss before every single call I make.  That's a promise.

I will, in fact, marry my Verizon iPhone.

You know, the Consumer Electronics Expo starts on Thursday. Might that be a convenient time for you to steal the spotlight with this exciting news? I hear Verizon’s CEO is a keynote speaker. I’m sure he’d share the mic with you. Maybe give him a call. From your iPhone.

Otherwise, I think your birthday is coming up. Please, please, please take pity and give yourself the gift of ME. And roughly 90MM other Verizon Wireless customers.

But mostly, me.

iThank you for your time,
Your #1 Verizon iPhone Fan

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Anonymous said...

Your a nut, but your are funny. :o) I hope for you're sake this phone comes soon.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the old chap is listening?

Anonymous said...

I hear the will announce 1/11/11!!

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Anon #1: Thanks -- me too. My current phone is just embarassing.

Anon #2 & #3: Do you think it can be true??

Anonymous said...

They are!!!!! I cannot wait!!!!!

ILove my IPhone said...

Steve Jobs can give himself the gift of me too. I will switch backfrom AT&T to Verizon in a heartbeat when they get the IPhone. Thats why I switched in the first place!

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Cue the choir of angels singing:


Anonymous said...

Your good. They have been talking about this rumor for years and I thought of you when I saw this is official news. How did you know??

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Anon #5: I didn't really know. I just hoped. Plus I think all rumors come true eventually.