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20 Apps I Adore

For me, 2011 was the Year of New Technology. As you know, my suffering in the Dark Age mercifully came to an end in February when my glorious iPhone arrived.

But that was just a gateway drug!

Since I don't do anything half-assed, I've gobbled up SIX new internet-connected devices over the course of the past year.  Somehow, a Verizon personal iPhone, an AT&T work iPhone, an iPad, a Mac laptop, a PC laptop, and a brand-new flatscreen Sony with GoogleTV have all followed me home. (Even I can't believe it.) 

Suddenly, my 550sqft apartment resembles the world's smallest Best Buy.  And I'm a dungeon and a dragon away from Nerdsville. 

But I'm totally app-sessed.

I download and I upload all the live long day. I'm so in love with "the cloud" that I wish I could keep my shoes in there and free up some closet space. If only my iPad were waterproof, I'd stream movies in the shower.  I even hug my new TV every night before I got to bed and I swear it hugs me back.

I've heard there are over half a million apps out there.  That's too many -- even for me.  So here's my list of apps I love.  Some are predictable, but hopefully there are a handful of surprises in the mix.

Oh, and did I mention these are all FREE?  So go ahead and tap that app until your fingers hurt...

Best for: transforming your photos
I fell in love when... I realized I looked 10 years younger with a filter
Available on: Apple

Best for: choosing which movie to see
I fell in love when... it helped me get out of seeing totally rotten Jack & Jill
Available on: Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Windows

HBO GO (requires an HBO subscription)
Best for: watching every episode of every series they ever created
I fell in love when... I re-watched Flight of the Conchords and remembered my crush on Jemaine
Available on: Apple, Android

NETFLIX (requires a Netflix subscription)
Best for: an all-you-can-eat movie buffet
I fell in love when... I realized their recommendations know me better than I know myself
Available on: Apple, Android, Kindle, Nook, Windows

Best for: figuring out who sings that song you like
I fell in love when... I had The Moves Like Jagger identified (with lyrics), sent to Pandora, and downloaded to my iPhone in under a minute
Available on: Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle, Windows

Best for: bringing all your news and updates into a living digital magazine
I fell in love when... I saw it made my Facebook newsfeed seem interesting
Available on: Apple

Best for: snippets of celebrity gossip
I fell in love when... I realized I no longer need the magazine (but don't tell them that)
Available on: Apple

Best for: fun flipping through catalogues with none of the clutter on your coffee table
I fell in love when... I discovered I could shop right from the page
Available on: Apple
Best for: loads of pop-culture lists
I fell in love when... the Top 10 Worst Spinoffs list contained the awfully amazing Joanie Loves Chachi
Available on: Apple

CHASE BANK (requires a Chase account)
Best for: keeping an eye on your money (or lack thereof)
I fell in love when... I deposited a check using my phone, if it gave me a lollipop it would be pure magic
Available on: Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle

Best for: stealing ideas on what to cook, wear, make, buy, or visit
I fell in love when... I was able to pin iPhone photos of my own craftiness so I too could be popular with complete strangers
Available on: Apple

Best for: learning about all the shops and eats in any airport
I fell in love when... it helped me locate a Chase ATM in Terminal 5 at JFK -- no fees, baby!
Available on: Apple, Android, Kindle

Best for: finding whatever you're looking for
I fell in love when... Google Goggles translated a Chinese takeout menu.
Available on: Apple, Android, Windows

Best for: finding delicious food trucks in your neighborhood
I fell in love when... it introduced me to the Big Gay Ice Cream truck and its Bea Arthur cone
Available on: Apple

Best for: ordering the best-looking dishes at local restaurants
I fell in love when... I hiked uptown to a stop on the Ultimate Trail of Nachos (at Southern Hospitality) and they looked just like the pic
Available on: Apple, Android, Kindle, Windows

EPICURIOUS (full disclosure -- I work on this brand)
Best for: getting recipes and shopping lists on the go
I fell in love when... I saw there are 774 recipes that include bacon
Available on: Apple, Android, Kindle, Nook, Windows

Best for: viewing powerpoint presentations
I fell in love when... it made me look smarter than the tech guy sitting next to me who couldn't get the projector to work
Available on: Apple

Best for: keeping all the things you want to remember in one place
I fell in love when... I started using this to keep ideas for my blog instead of scribbling on paper napkins
Available on: Apple, Android, BlackBerry, Kindle, Nook, Windows

Best for: (boys cover your eyes) knowing when Cousin Red comes a-knocking
I fell in love when... it was right (not that it matters)
Available on: Apple

Card Shark
Best for: feeling cool when playing sad, lonely solitaire
I fell in love when... my winning streak wasn't interrupted by annoying ads
Available on: Apple

So there you have it.  And hey, can you believe I got through this entire post without saying "there's an app for that?"


Anyhoo, share YOUR must-have apps below...

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Anonymous said...

I love Epi too but your list is missing a few crucial picks........
Angry Birds
Words With Friends
Fruit Ninja

Anonymous said...

Adding Starbucks, Instapaper, MLB at Bat & Sound Hound to the list

Anonymous said...

great suggestions i downloaded 6 of these!!

Anonymous said...

Do you use Penultimate at all? I like that for note taking.

Chris said...

I would add HopStop to the list, though that would actually entail you taking the Subway! :)

Kevin said...

Good choices! Here's a few more for the list........
Text'n'Drive (exactly what it sounds like)
Spotify (Pandora but better for now)
Into Now (Shazam for TV shows)
Hipmunk (Kayak but better)
Card Munch (scans bus cards)

Anonymous said...

love flipboard!

Anonymous said...

Yes!!! I keep everything in Evernote, especially recipes. If I could only have one app, that would be it.

Anonymous said...

Move over Angry Birds I'm addicted to Where's My Water?

Jessica said...

The Epi app is great, I use it in the kitchen all the time. And I didn't know you were working on food and not bridal anymore, congrats are in order, yes?

Here are a few more foodie apps I like to use (but not all free).......
Jamie Oliver
Mario Batali
Big Oven
Urban Spoon
Open Table

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Anon #1 & #7: I can't get into the games. Just not my thing, I guess.

Anon #2: Is Sound Hound better than Shazam?

Anon #3: Awesome!

Anon #4: I don't but I've heard it's good. Will check it out.

Chris: Ha.

Kev: Cool, will check those out!

Anon #5 & #6: Me too.

Jess: Love that you love Epi!