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Can You Hear Me Now?

They say good things come to those who wait.

So, I waited. And waited, and waited, and waaaaiiiiiittted. Then the glorious day came: 02/03/11.

(think Steve Jobs reads my blog?)

Not one to mess around with something so critically important, I'm unashamed to admit that I set my alarm so I could wake up exactly at 3am last Thursday to be one of the first to purchase a Verizon iPhone. It also happened to be my half birthday, and since my full birthday was such crap, this was a happy coincidence.

I didn’t even hit snooze!

Of course, you’d expect nothing less from a #1 fan. And apparently, I wasn’t alone. It’s estimated that over 500K existing Verizon customers purchased the iPhone 4 in the first 17 hours it was available. They had to shut it down because of excessive demand. It’s already the most successful Verizon launch ever -- and it’s not even available in stores. Yet.

Well, I’m thrilled to report that at long last… the Eagle. Has. Landed. Wooohoooo!

It’s like Christmas all over again. But a zillion times better. And I have to say, the whole process couldn’t have gone smoother (more smoothly? Eh, whatever.). I’m totally impressed by the site they set up to handle orders. I logged right on, it recognized me and my pitiful Razr, AND it automatically had my $50 credit listed.

If you listened closely, you could hear a siren go off at VZW headquarters when they saw I finally redeemed it. I’ve been out of contract for YEARS.

Then, I tracked that package like Linda Church tracks a storm.

The National Weather Service has got nothing on me. Origin scan in West Chester, PA! Pack your patience, it just departed Philly!! Arrived in Saddle Brook, NJ!!! Don’t forget the umbrella -- it’s out for delivery from Long Island City!!!!

My doorman signed for it at 5:35 last night. Heaven. And when I got my hot little hands on it after work, all I had to do was sync it with iTunes to activate. No annoying calls to a toll-free number, or worse, having to visit the store to do it in-person. It even came fully charged! Within minutes, I was up and running.

Even the Jetsons never thought of anything this cool. And they could fly.

Oh, the future is now, my friends.

If I could only figure out how to blog from it, I would have. Instead, I sent what I thought was an email (but turns out was actually a text message) to my brother and sister-in-law. I feel like the cavemen must have felt when they discovered fire.

Ahhhh, pretty! But don’t get crazy or you’ll burn your eyebrows off.

I can’t wait to discover everything this new phone can do. As you know, my old cell phone and my iPod were the last remaining connections to my relationship. On the phone were almost a thousand text messages he sent me over the course of our year together, dozens of photos he took, and 2 of his phone numbers. I didn’t have the heart to delete them, mainly because I didn’t have the stomach to go through them. Too much to re-live.

On the iPod were hundreds of songs -- our Infinite Playlist. I used to listen to those songs each day and think of us and our future. Since we broke up, every time one crept into the mix, I couldn’t skip to the next song fast enough. It was like a horrible game of Name That Tune. “I can start bawling in six notes, George.”

I wonder if there’s an app for that?

Anyway, what I love most about this new phone is it’s really a new beginning. I have now checked everything off my list. All ties are cut. I guess it’s taken me this long to finally say goodbye… by saying hello.

So, cheers to new beginnings. And btw there IS an app for that.

What else should I download? Is Angry Birds worth the hype? Enlighten me below.

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Anonymous said...

Great news! Your no joke with waking up at 3 A.M.

Anonymous said...

Congrats! Try these apps: Instagram or Hipstamatic; Find My iPhone (use this alot); Evernote or SpringPad; Hulu or Netflix; Plants vs. Zombies and Angry Birds and Smurf's Village and Scrabble; Yelp and Urban Spoon; HopStop; Google Earth; Mint; Mixology; Skype.

jessica said...

This one was allover the news this morn. It's a confession app sanctioned by The Catholic Church of all places!

Anonymous said...

There's a paid app called Excuse Me which is a fake call or text message. It would come in handy on a bad date. There are also lots of VooDoo Doll apps for your Ex.

chris said...

photobooth is fun and only 99 cents :)

chris said...

wait no its pocketbooth not photobooth!!

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Thanks for the suggestions everybody!