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The Loveseat Potato Rides Again

If you know me at ALL, you know I love TV. It goes on the minute I walk in the door and stays on all night long.

(That's healthy, right?)

Bravo is my channel of choice.  I even started a website all about it.

In fact, I wish I had MORE time to watch. Then, maybe I would get into deep. well-written, plot-driven dramas.  But frankly, I don't have the appetite for more than a couple of those each season.  Mostly it's reality & comedies for me because I like my TV like I like my taters.

Light and fluffy.

I started these reviews in 2009 and followed up in 2010 with a fascinating (ahem) account of my DVR schedule juggling act. Mrs. Potato Head made a guest appearance in 2011.  The Loveseat Potato was born (picked? harvested?) in 2012.  In 2013, she found a spuddy buddy to watch alongside and in 2014 she was surrounded by a scary herd of cats. 2015 brought the fry guys in a hot tub (my homage to the Bachelorette), 2016 was the year of chips and dips, and 2017 was totally refried to reflect all the recycled shows that returned to the airwaves.

The fall 2018 TV season hasn't been mind-blowing, but there have been a few tasty nuggets.  So the Loveseat Potato hunkered down in bed for a weekend and binged on 30 new shows, with a minimum of 2 episodes per.

Here's how they all stacked up...

SPUD: The Kids Are Alright (ABC)

WHY IT'S A SMASH: This show is a lot like The Wonder Years, but set in the 70s. It centers on an Irish-Catholic family raising 8 kids, which is funny, but my fave part is all the toys and clothes and foods I remember from my childhood.  Plus, Mary McCormack is awesome, and in the best role since she played Howard Stern's wife in Private Parts.  Watch this!

Honorable mention goes to: I Feel Bad (NBC), Camping (HBO), Single Parents (ABC)

REFRIED POTATOES: Murphy Brown (CBS), Last Man Standing (FOX), The Conners (ABC)

DUDS: Happy Together (CBS), The Neighborhood (CBS), The Cool Kids (FOX)

SPUD: You (Lifetime)

WHY IT'S A SMASH: This is a dark and creepy one, told from the perspective of a stalker (played by Gossip Girl himself, Penn Badgley).  It's based on a book, which I haven't read.  But once I heard John Stamos was in it too, it was #1 with a bullet.

Honorable mention goes to: The Romanoffs (Amazon), All American (CW), Maniac (Netflix)


DUDS: A Million Little Things (ABC), The Rookie (ABC), New Amsterdam (ABC), God Friended Me (CBS)

SPUD: Get a Room with Carson & Thom (Bravo)

WHY IT'S A SMASH: Man, I missed these two!  Arguably the best two OGs from Queer Eye for the Straight Guy -- Carson Kressley & Thom Felicia -- are together again decorating spaces in and around NYC, and I could watch them for hours. The best part is they have PERSONALITY, which is severely lacking from all the other shiplap-laiden home deco shows.  Looove!

Honorable mention goes to: Welcome to Waverly (Bravo), Unanchored (Bravo)

REFRIED POTATOES: Dancing with the Stars Juniors (ABC), Married at First Sight Honeymoon Island (Lifetime), Jersey Shore Family Vacation (MTV)

DUDS: Bravo's Play by Play with Jerry O'Connell (Bravo), How Far Is Tattoo Far? (MTV), Busy Tonight (E!)

SPUD: Dirty John (Bravo)

WHY IT WILL BE A SMASH: For starters, I'll watch anything with Connie Britton in it.  This show, based on a true story and adapted from a podcast, is about a rich and lonely woman who falls for a sociopath.  Ah, a tale old as time.  Can't wait.

Disagree? See anything I missed?  Put the DVR on pause and comment below...

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