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Happy Blog-iversary

Well, I’ve been at it for exactly a year.

Blogging, that is.

It all started on a bizarre night at The Box, when I was hit with the distinct, swirly feeling that I wasn’t in Kansas, err... Pine Brook... anymore. And a blog was born.

As you know, this was my easy-breezy way to get back into writing, so I could eventually turn my attention back to my scary manuscript. But the reality is, I’ve had a ton of fun just blogging for blogging’s sake (although I don’t do it as often as I should -- bad Jenny!).

Even better, a couple of people out there actually read this thing! Probably even YOU. So hopefully, you’ve had some fun along the way too. (I especially love it when you leave me comments... hint, HINT.)

The one-year mark seems about the right time to peek under the hood and kick the tires. So, here’s a look at the blog's numbers, according to my good friend, The Google:

Total Posts I've Written (including this one):

Average Number of Posts I Write Per Month:
6.3 (Highest: December, Lowest: July)

Average Number of Unique Visitors Per Month:
35 (Highest: August, Lowest: February)

Average Pageviews Per Month:
273 (Highest: November, Lowest: February)

Average Time Spent Per Visit:
3 minutes 23 seconds

Most Read Blog Post (3-way tie):

Post Nobody Gave a Crap About (5-way tie):

Most Comments:

Most Frequently-Used Tag For the Posts I Write:

Most Popular Search by Visitors:

Not too shabby for a silly little hobby. But now, I sit at a crossroads. Do I freeze this blog as a snapshot in time, and end it now? Or do I push past my first year and ramble on?

The fate of this blog rests in your hands!

Vote below (and yes, that means EVEN you anonymous readers… I KNOW you’re out there):


Frank said...

Definitely keep them coming Gaons. Impressive stats!

Kevin said...


Angie and I love reading your blog. Keep it up, you might have a future in this!!

Anonymous said...

Keep it going and someday I might have you on my show!


Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Aw, thanks Frank, Kev, Angie, and Reeeege! You guys are the best!

Anonymous said...

Glad you decided to keep blogging! I voted anyway, just to see if anybody picked no!

Jenny From The 'Brook said...

Anon #2 -- Thanks! I'm glad I decided to keep going too. If you have any topic suggestions, I'm all ears...