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Are You There Blog? It's Me, Jenny

I recently gave this blog a fresh look so it could feel all pretty for today.

What's so special about today? This blog turns 2 years old!

I started it on Sept 14, 2008, while I was sitting on my couch, reflecting on a bizarre night out with my colleagues. I'd just moved to the city, I needed a hobby, and this seemed as good as any. I thought it would lead me back to doing something with my unpublished novel. But quickly, it took on a life of its own.

I really enjoy blogging. Random topics pop in my head all the time. If I think they might be interesting to you, too, I jot down my thoughts (no matter how ridiculous), and click "publish."  Instant gratification.

Recently, that all changed.

These past few months, writing has been a cathartic activity that helped me get through what was, hands down, the most difficult time of my life. Like therapy, only free. And if you think the posts you read felt personal, you should read the ones I DIDN'T publish. I can't read those myself without crying.

Turning this blog into what was essentially a very public diary helped when it was difficult to speak. From the bottom of my heart, my sincere thanks goes out to all of you who reached out to me. Your friendship is what kept me going.

I'm relieved to say, I've turned a corner. The worst is behind me and I'm back to posting about random things that hopefully make you laugh. Or at least smile.

Anyway, I like to take stock each year and see how the blog is doing. As you'll see, this one's been a rollercoaster.  Thanks for coming along for the ride...

Total Posts I've Written (including this one):

Average Number of Posts I Write Per Month:
4.7 (down from 6.3 last year)

Average Number of Unique Visitors Per Month:
62 (up from 35 last year)

Average Pageviews Per Month:
338 (up from 273 last year)

Average Time Spent Per Visit:
4 minutes 47 seconds (up from 3 minutes 23 seconds last year)

Most Read Blog Post (3-way tie):
Off the Market
Joy to the World
Let You Down

Post Nobody Gave a Crap About (4-way tie):
The Rachel
The Skunkies
Dear Santa...
More Cowbell

Most Comments:
Let You Down

Most Popular Poll:
M&M (&M&M&M&M&M)

Most Frequently-Used Tag For the Posts I Write:
Pop Culture

Most Popular Search by Visitors (2-way tie):
Getting Married

As we head into year 3 of this "hobby," I'd love to hear what you want me to blog about.  So don't be shy, vote below!

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