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Knock on Wood

Yoo hoo!  Remember me?!

It's probably not obvious from my recent showing... but I really DO love to blog.  I love it so much I created 2 others.  One for travel, one for beauty

But this random mish-mash of stuff that's happening in my life is my first love.  And it just turned 5.

FIVE!  That's the anniversary for wood!

I love brown things!

Anyway, as I did in 2009, 2010, 2011, and 2012, here's a fond look back:

Total Posts I've Written (including this one):

Average Number of Posts I Write Per Month:
3.2 (down from 3.6 last year)

Average Number of Unique Visitors Per Month:
245 (up from 142 last year)

Average Pageviews Per Month:
1,071 (up from 853 last year)

Most-Read Blog Posts Ever:
Pepe Le Pew (June 2011)
Miss Jennifer Goes to Washington (August 2012)
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Pinterest (December 2012)
Comfort Food in a Storm (October 2012)
Seven Strikes (May 2009)
Federal Unreserved (February 2011)

Most-Read Blog Posts This Year:
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Pinterest
Comfort Food in a Storm
Crystal Light Flavor Faceoff

Posts Nobody Gave a Crap About:
I Am Not a Wen Girl
Let's Meet the Pope
7 Dream Jobs

Most Comments (tie):
Another Night at the Roxbury
How the Hell is John Stamos 50?

Most Popular Poll:
Please Fix Voting (It Is Broken)

Most Frequently-Used Tag for the Posts I Write:
Pop Culture

Most Popular Search by Visitors:

Here's a look ahead -- soon I'll update you on why it's a bad idea to buy a gold iPhone at 3am, and it's about time for the Loveseat Potato to make a return appearance.

Thanks (as always) for reading!

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chris said...

there you are happy blog anniversary :)

Jessica said...

Happy 5th!

Anonymous said...

Congrats Jenny

chris said...

Hmmmm... where are YOU? Post woman! Please :)