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What do these things have in common?
-- Clouds
-- Cat's Lives
-- Circles of Hell
-- Justices on the Supreme Court

If you guessed the number 9, you're super smart and my favorite person in the whole wide world!

You know what else is 9?  This blog.

I've legit never done anything consistently for a 9 year span besides be a daughter, sister, friend, and toothbrusher.  No job, relationship, or hobby ever lasted this long.

I guess I must like it.

Not enough, of course, to find the time to do it as much as I should, buuut... ya know.

Anyway, as we've done in 2009, 2010, 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, and 2016 let's take a look back at the last year...

Total Posts I've Written (including this one):

Average Number of Posts I Write Per Month:
0.7 (down from 0.9 last year -- UGH... I really suck)

Average Number of Unique Visitors Per Month:
619 (up from 402 last year)

Average Pageviews Per Month:
3,140 (up from 2,705 last year)

Most Traffic Comes From:
Tie between Google Search and Pinterest

Most-Read Blog Posts Ever (in order of popularity):
It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Pinterest (December 2012)
Farewell, Crawleys (March 2016)
Which Christmas Cookie Are You? (December 2015)
Grease Is the Word (January 2016)
Dear Stores that Close on Thanksgiving (November 2015)
A Gluten-Free Holiday Feast (December 2014)
Freedom (July 2016)
Election Eve (November 2016)
New View (September 2014)
20 Apps I Adore (January 2012)

Most-Read Blog Posts This Year:
Elf on the Shelf Is My Homie
All Lathered Up
Choose Your Words

Post Nobody Gave a Crap About:
Women Who Rock

Most Comments:
All Lathered Up

Most Popular Poll:
I didn't do any this year.  Poo.
Up in the Air (all-time)

Most Frequently-Used Tag for the Posts I Write:
Pop Culture

Most Popular Search by Visitors:

Lastly, I think I'll add a NEW category...

My Favorite Post I Wrote This Year:
My Rock & Roll Hall of Fame -- it was really fun going down music memory lane

Next on deck will be the Loveseat Potato's annual review of new Fall TV shows (warning: pickins are slim), I think I'll give this blog a facelift, and I just might share a secret...

Thanks (as always) for reading!


chris said...

Happy Blogiversary Jen!

Anonymous said...

Nine years! Keep up the good work.

Jen M said...

Happy 9 years but what's the secret? Inquiring minds want to know!